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11/30/2005 12:16 pm

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Pushy Pushy

OMG BLOG - have you missed me? LOL....sorry, work has been keepin me busy. I was noticing that other people actually read my blogs...whatever on earth for - I'm not sure. I've been around the site and have peeked in on others blogs - seems they have so much more to say about things than I do. I pretty much just use you for venting - sorry, if that makes you feel used and abused. But better to be needed than not needed at all. Well, something like that. LOL

Having a hard time understanding why everyone is so damn pushy?? Is it the season? Is it something in the air? Do we all live in a world where instant gratification is a must? Case in point: I sent a little note hello to someone on here (so few do I initiate - but he peaked my interest). Got a little note back - would have liked more than 2 sentences, but okay - fine, I replied with a few paragraphs. He did ask me if I went to casino's - which I do, so I had things to talk about. I get my reply back and he's pushing his phone# on me telling me he'd rather talk on phone and that I should call him. WELL - fuck that. First, I didn't give him any indication (other than maybe we would have a chance to meet sometime after I return from a trip home - OMG did I say too much?) and secondly - if I wanted to talk to someone - I will give them MY number and they can call me. Since when did women start having to make the first calls - maybe I'm a bit old fashioned in that sense. I have guys that I have been talking to for months on chat and emails - that have never asked...because well - - THEY READ MY PROFILE!!
So another meet down the dust -he's done pissed me off. Not that the chances of a meet were ever really there - - but if they would just have patience and a little couth - well, hell - one never knows. My life is changing and I will be single again next week. A few meets MIGHT be in my future........ that almost scares me. What if all of them are psychos??? That would be my frickn luck!!

Plano69 54M

12/5/2005 11:27 pm

Hmmmm.. so if a lady gives me her number, I guess she expects me to call her , huh? uh oh... I think I made a big dumb mistake... LOL! Sigh... Oh well, guess it won't be my last... When is too late?

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