I've been a Good Girl!  

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12/22/2005 10:34 am

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I've been a Good Girl!

I have to say.. I had the nicest surprise at Midnight last night. After a powershopping trip in the city after work, my feet were killing me (from my new boots - new shoe total = 6...and I still had a couple hours of wrapping to do!

But as I sat down on the sofa admidst the boxes, bags, receipts, bags, cats, bags - - - I was wore out. So I decided that before the I started the task of wrapping all these gifts that had to be delivered today - - it was time for some "me" time!! So, after a little "smoke".... I began to open the HUGE box that the guys had loaded into the back of the truck that afternoon.

HOLY SHIT - She hit the lotto!! I guess I should preface this with a little about previous holiday gifts. My company has no problem with spending money on it's employees - but their choices of what women really want..have all been less than desirable. I'm always appreciative of any gift, because at least they care enough to try. But after 5 years, I do not need another computer bag, garment bag, tote bag, make-up bag - you get my drift. And all items are always unisex - even the watches and jackets. It is a man's company...so I had given up hope of ever getting anything I would truly not want to re-gift. And most of the women here would agree with that statement.

WARNING - For me, the following is a girls dream, so boys - read on if you must:

This year - They stepped up to the plate and hit a homerun, at least in my book. I felt like a small child..eyes full of wonderment as I open the box to reveal : 5 boxes from COACH, a large envelope, a really cool wooden box (what could be inside that?) and a big red box. I couldn't take my eyes off the COACH boxes - they were so pretty. Little ones, Big ones, long ones (yes, and I am just looking at the boxes).. I couldn't wait to open one. But where to start??? Decision, Decisions...what's a girl to do? I will start small and go to big!

First - COACH scarf with rhinestones. So soft and pretty...mmmmmm
Second - Wallet that can organize my wacky life.
Third - A cool keychain with an attached wallet replica, but it holds 2 pictures.
Fourth - Clutch handbag...perfect size for me
Fifth - Large Tote purse..the leather smelled so dreamy!
Tall Brown box - Company logo on the outside, door slides open to an elegant display for a bottle of wine. Our Company name on the bottle. The detail work was exquisite...I will never open. LOVED the BOX!
White Envelope - Was baffled by this gift, until I opened th big red box next. But inside this envelope was a years subscription to XM Radio. Nice gift..if you have XM in your car - which I don't. So I thought - will just go buy one and that will be that.
Big Red Box - duh... a handheld XM Radio!! Totally freaked..it's awesome. Whole new world for me (as I don't even have an Ipod).

So Santa has already blessed me this Christmas Holiday...I head down the road in the AM, hopefully my XM radio will be up and running. Working on that tonight. I had bought a new digital camera last night...all these new toys - so much fun!!!!

I wish everyone a wonderful holiday with their family and friends!!!

Smiles - HotTx!!

rm_1SweetBitch 55F
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12/22/2005 11:01 am

I am happy for you...good luck with the XM radio.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Happy Holidays~~~~~~~~~~~~~

No Day Is So Bad It Can't Be Fixed With Great Sex!

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gnr8nrg 46M

12/22/2005 11:30 am

Happy Holidays HotTX. Wine, Ipod? What's that? Just kidding, I've heard of them before. I'm glad you're all smiles.

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