Tight Sweaters  

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11/11/2005 7:57 pm

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Tight Sweaters

Yes I was more than pleased when I saw Colleen yesterday. She was wearing another tight pair of Jeans. You know the type so nice that the back seam was nice and snug so as to run up the crack of her tight ass like a thong. I think she did catch me looking because she turned and smiled at me while I was admiring the view when she walked in front of me.

There was another treat though, because it was chilly out she had chosen to wear a tight dark gray sweater. I could just imagine what she had on under the sweater but there was a time when the dock door was open that I could tell she was catching a chill by the small but visible bumps her nipples were causing even through the sweater. To bad that small job is over but I know I will be back to do some more work there soon enough.

Speaking of Nipples . I love the sight of a woman’s nipples standing out hard and inviting. I love to touch them, roll them between my fingers getting them harder and making a woman’s back arch. I love to roll them into my mouth grabbing it with my teeth ever so gently while the tip of my tongue flicks back and forth across the tip. This drives most women nuts and when you squeeze the whole breast while her nipple is in your mouth, well lets just say I have had women cum while spending hours playing and nibbling on her nipples and breasts

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