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11/4/2005 6:39 pm

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Pretty Panties

Today was Friday and it was the end to a long week. I had to get a job done today so I worked hard all day long. I was so tired I was almost falling asleep on the way home so I stopped to get some Lottery tickets and was glad I did. I was waiting in line behind this good looking young woman that had on a pair of tight white pants with an ass that I would just love to rub and spank. You know the kind young tight and firm. That was not the best part as the Red Lacey Panties she was wearing were showing through. I enjoyed the view so much that I got out of the line when she was done and watched her walk out the door. WOW what an ASS I thought as I woke up and was no longer thinking of the long week, instead was thinking of going out to a club with the wife to get me tight ass fix. The wife had plans with the neighborhood ladies and left me to baby-sit. Damn BUNKO!!!!

So here I sit writing this note and looking for the type of panties that I was lusting over a few hours ago. I do enjoy looking at a women dressed in a pair of nice panties and not granny’s if you know what I mean. There are styles and fits for most every shape and size that I have seen. When I see a women in a nice fitting pair of panties it gets my blood flowing and I just want to chase her Ass area the room. Before you ask NO I do not get into wearing them because this is about how they look wear they belong on a woman.

I would love to here what others like about women’s panties and what kind they like. Ladies you could even take a few minutes and show me your favorite pair and why you like them.

Have a great weekend,


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