Just another Saturday Night  

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11/13/2005 3:18 pm

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Just another Saturday Night

Last night was Saturday Night and my wife and I started out going out to dinner with the hope of meeting another couple, but the never showed up so we had a great dinner and got schedules straight. We are planning a party so discussion of guests food drinks and dates were started. We set two weekends aside for winter trips J. She decided that it was the perfect opportunity to use her foot under the table to get me worked up.

We headed up to TJ’s ( Strip club ) about 10pm. Most of the girls there we did not know because it was Saturday night and I usually head up there late in the afternoon during the week. We do enjoy going up when we get a free evenings with some extra cash in pocket.

A few of the girls we knew and we laughed with them about the bald guy that had too much to drink and was being scolded by his buddies to behave him self. Luscious is a dancer that has long black hair with nice big soft breasts but her greatest asset is her eyes. You know the type, can look at you from across the room and know that she is thinking naughty thoughts. Paige was there which is another girl that I have gotten to know very well. She was having a great night had a guy spending a roll of money on her and trying to get her drunk.

I was enjoying the view of the women walking around in lingerie and mini dresses when this Redheaded gorgeous young lady hit the stage dressed in a black lace outfit that fit her body like a glove. As she danced my wife laughed at me, sent me to the stage, told me to get a closer look and don’t drool on her. Luscious laughing, smacked me on the ass as I got up from the table and told me to behave or I would pay. I sat down at the stage and smiled as she danced around slowly removing her gown. Revealing a black lace bra with matching Thong. I tipped her few dollars and watched as she danced her way over to the pole. She climbed up the pole leaned back and removed her bra. She had a pair of breasts that could only be described as perfect for me. Not too big, not too small, firm “C” cups with fine stiff nipples that begged out to be played with. I Clapped and smiled as I grabbed for more dollars. She slid down the pole and seductive crawled over to me as I looked deep into her eyes. She danced for me as I took in every detail and move she made. I tipped her and her set was done.

I made my way back to the table to find my wife and some of the girls giggling at me. I asked, “What? She has a body that would stop traffic and can dance too!” My wife grabbed me and said, “Ok, someone owes me a drink! He has a HARD ON!” The girls know me well enough that I usually don’t get an erection by the stage but my wife knows me better than them. Her name was Autumn and I was introduced to her when she came over to find out what all the teasing was about. When she found out about the bet she smiled and said she was just enjoying herself onstage and with a guy that knows what he likes makes it so much more fun.

The rest of the night turned very exciting but that is another story

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