What a Great Weekend!! Too much partying, sex, food, alcohol, sun ... I love this Country!!!!  

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7/5/2006 12:00 pm
What a Great Weekend!! Too much partying, sex, food, alcohol, sun ... I love this Country!!!!

Best Break in a LOOOONNNNNG time!!!!


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What a great fucking weekend!!!!
I can barely even move today!!!
About all I can do is sit here and type!!!
We played hard, partied hard and loved hard since Friday. I had such a great time!
Friday was so boring at work, because I was anxious to get my weekend started. Samantha was off work (nice) and we all went out to dinner, the lit off some fireworks, then off to bed for the kids. Samantha had a couple glasses of wine early cuz she had to work in the morning (i did some shots) and we were having sex by 11.
I sucked her pussy for 20 minutes before we even started having sex. She is into having her clit sucked while I press her G-spot. I had her pussy running down my face and chin, it makes her cum and cum!!! Finally, I got to get up in her sweet pussy, I wanted to fuck all night, but she made me cum after about 45 minutes since she had to get up.
I was in no mood for bed, so I did a couple more shots and got on my bike and rode down by the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and met a crazy group of mixed Europeans here for the US Grand Prix. We drank and smoked and watched these kinky Euro-Trash sluts strip/dance all night for a crowd of cheering guys. I had a blast and I got home about 2:30 but it sucked because I was playing basketball in the morning .... oh well!
When I came home and came to bed, Sam was passed out with her legs spread, ass up.
That is all I needed, and my cock was hard instantly. I slid a finger into her still wet pussy then aimed my cock between her pink pussy lips and pushed in. She woke up moaning and pushed her ass up for a deeper angle and I didn't stop til she came. She told me to cum on her asshole and it wasn't long before I was granting her request. I spooned her for about 5 minutes before we wer both passed out.
I was tired the next day so I was only going to play a couple games of b-ball (hey this is Indiana!). I ended up getting on a good team and we never lost so I played 4-5 games (too hot, too much). Then we all went swimming, and I spent most of my time on a raft in the pool. I got a little sunburned, and took the kids to get ice cream and to the fireworks store. Sam got off early and we went to get pizza. Indiana changed the fireworks law this year (they are now legal) so we went redneck-crazy and shot off all kinds of stuff. We put the kids to bed and just got tore-down!!! We both did shots and we both got real lovey-dovey, just kissing and hanging all over each other. I was so drunk by 11, I was afraid I would even be able to feel my dick, so I snuck off and took 1/6th of a viagra. Man did it do the trick, because we had some of the wildest, kinkiest, craziest sex that we have had in a while. We just did everything, different positions, lotsa dirty talk, she was just wild! Like and animal, getting her cum. She pinned me down and rode me for 20 minutes, just cumming time after time. Finally when she had cum all she could, she said she wanted to "Eat my cum" and she got on her knees, grabbed my nuts and stuck her finger in my ass and didnt stop till after ny last contraction. It was so nice, I am getting hard just typing this.

I was totally hurting Sunday from b-ball and partying, but soldiered on to the Grand Prix F-1 race a couple block from my house. I took my 10 year old and we spent most of the day eating ice cream, popsicle, funnel cakes, and giant turkey legs. We had a good time despite my pain. We left early and headed to the swimming pool before the race let out and I spent the next few hours increasing my sunburn. Then to add more insult to injury, we go play tennis! Then We all go out to eat again. Samantha gets home and we have another round of fireworks, kids to bed, and sex.
Althought it is not as long/intense as the night before, it was kissy-poo romantic with lotsa oral and it lasted longer than our usualy 20 minute quickie. Still couldn't get to sleep before 2.
Samantha had the next 2 days off. Everyone was tired from intense activities, so the kids slept past 10!!! We wanted to swim/camp/hike at Lieber, but everyone said it was going to rain so we stayed in town. It turned out nice becaus my niece was in town and all of the cousins went swimming at my bros. The kids played all day so the adults could just hang casually. Also, my 3 yo learned how tyo swim with her floaties which is coo-coo. We drank daquoris and beer and smoked out (I don't even smoke!) I increased my sunburn even more, and we generally had a good time. Later, We cooked out fat steaks, corn on the cob, watermelon ... then went out for frozen yogurt at Ritter's. Did the bulk of our fireworks, put the kids to bed and started drinking!
If you have never read my blog, you would think we were alcoholics, I haven't drank as much in soooo long. I was smoking, drinking and consuming different unnamed substances like a freak!
Sam drank a bottle of wine and I drank 1/2 of a 1/5 of V.O. while we watched "Failure to Launch". Then off to bed for another round of satisyingly kinky sex, which againg ended with her on her knees and my cock in her mouth. Again up past 2:00.
Then kids slept in again!.. Luckily.
Again the rain foiled our plans, so we do what we always do when it happens .... food entertainment!
We went to a Greek restaurant and chowed down, then to a 4th festival. It was rained out so we went hiking and took photos in our matching 4th shirts. We went home and all took a nap (wink, wink) which means the kids rested and watched TV while we snuck off to the bedroom for day sex. Then I read the paper while Sam slept and got the kids ready to go downtown for fireworks. We went out to eat again, and rode the monorail and watched the display. The kids went right to bed, and we hung out and watched TV for an hour before having sex again.

I am totally paying for it all today, the partying, the sunburn, too much ball. track, food, alcohol, sun, sex, ????, staying up too lated, my cock is sore .... but what a helluva weekend!
I hope everyone had a good one, too!
Happy Independance Day, God Bless America .... I love this country!

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