Sex and the City .......................... Blue Velvet .. ...................... Office Space  

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2/1/2006 10:50 am

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Sex and the City .......................... Blue Velvet .. ...................... Office Space

Okay, I am going to give up one of my sex secrets. Listen up guys, this is a guarantee. If you wanna get some, go get Sex in the City and watch it with your woman. Samantha agrees. We are up to the 4th season and it has been a lock every time, except once, and we argued over the show!
I also have to admit that I turned her on to the show. I got into it because I had seen previews with Kyle MacLaughlin and Ron Livingston. Kyle is in one of my favorite all time movies, Blue Velvet. If you have never seen it, it is one of the weirdest sexual themed movies I have ever seen. And Ron is in Office Space, a movie that sincerely changed my life. Well, I usually only watch news and sports, but I happened to be flipping thru the channels when I saw Ron on Sex and the City. I stopped to watch it and it turned out to be a kick ass show, I have been hooked ever since. Samantha was impressed that I was watching it and when she saw it, it was all over. They have the episodes at Blockbuster, and it is free at your local library.
Anyway ... I haven't seen my good friend since before Christmas, so he swung by the studio yesterday and we exchanged Christmas opresents. He got me a Crown Royal gift set and some CDs. So last night I went to the library and got Sex and the City and we had some shots of crown and before we were done with the 3rd episode, she had her pants around her knees with her ass/pussy in my face. I reached out to caress her pussy and she is nice and wet already. She laid down on the couch with me and we made out til the end of that episode and went straight to the bedroom.
She told me to get on the bed and imnmediately went down on me. I was almst hard already and within a couple minutes she was bent over with me behind her. After a couple orgasms, she told me that she wanted to ride me, cum. Then on our sides, cum, then me on top, cum. when she was done with her orgasm, she said she wanted to take it in her mouth, so I got MY fav ... sitting on my heels, with her cupping my ball, sucking the cum out. I had a great orgasm!
We got up and turned everything off in the house. Then I spooned her till we both went to sleep.

shaven53 64M

2/1/2006 2:21 pm

You guys are a lot of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep it up! You're sure keeping me up!!!!!!!

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2/1/2006 3:26 pm

I am running out now to get it for Sail!

Purry {=}


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