Naked Karaoke Photo ................ #3  

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Naked Karaoke Photo ................ #3

hotsexycupl C'est la Vie!
We had been having great sex, every day for weeks. We had morning sex on Thursday, and I saved my cum because I wanted to work out, and we agreed to have sex later, and holding it in the morning only adds to later in the night. One thing that rarely happens is having a fight after we have sex. That night Samantha said she didn't want to have sex, but she said she would get me off. I really wanted to have sex, but that was still a good deal. But when she gave me oral, I couldn't get off cuz I was in pussy mode. We both were indignant, and had a little argument. We try not to go to bed mad, and when I woke up I was ok, but Sam was acting wierd. Things just escalated, bringing other issues into the fray, until we were into a full argument. She got off at 2 on Saturday and we were supposed to have family night, put the kids to bed, the have some wine and take some kinky photos for the blog. ... Didn't happen. ... The arguement went through Sat night and came to a head on Sun morning. We had our final words and We got everything out.
The ice was broken and we went back to the bedroom and had make-up sex. We both needed it so bad and held each other tight and whispered "I'm sorry" and "I love you". Things seemed good, but apparently we had not got it ALL out, because we argued some more, took the kids to play at their cousins house, had a romantic dinner, argued, went back to the house where I sucked her pussy off 3 times before we had some more hot make-up sex.
We got the kids, and had family night listening to old Dr. Demento songs that I downloaded off internet. Put the kids to bed and played Trivial Pursuit and finally had the couple of drinks that we were gonna have on Saturday night. Once again the Karaoke machine came out, and you know what that means! I always get pussy when she Karakes, and you can see by the photo that I got lucky that night to! LOL
This time she gave me oral, before more make-up sex. Though it wasn't really kinky, it was very passionate. A lot of grinding with her long arms and legs wrapped around me. It was really nice to get back in the groove, though we argued AGAIN after sex, we both woke up agreeing that it was all over today.
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MillsShipsGayly 51M

2/13/2006 11:23 am

Love the pics!

Get those fights behind ya ....

saddletrampsk 54F

2/13/2006 11:38 am

sounds like alot of fun..

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