Crazy Weekend Sex!!!!!!  

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2/20/2006 10:54 am

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Crazy Weekend Sex!!!!!!

After a nice little 4 day run (we had sex 7x in 4 days), my luck had to run out. Samantha wasn't feeling well, and we didn't have sex Thursday or Friday. Sam had Saturday off, and we planned on having a drink and some serious sex. After finally getting the kids to bed we had a chance to hang out and talk. We were soon feeling a warm buzz and we headed back to the bedroom. I can't say we did anything kinky, but we had a long drawn out, multi position, multi orgasm fuck, and it was slightly longer than my 80 minute mix CD, that's all I'm sayin'! I got to sleep way later than I wanted.
We both woke up on Sunday very horny and spent the whole day having sex. She came back to bed to wake me up and we cuddled and masturbated each other, Then later, I heard her get out of the shower and snuck in and tongued her from behind, then she straddle my face with her leg up on the sink. She came twice which made my cock rock hard and I bent her over the sink and gave her another orgasm before our 2 yo busted us and started banging on the door.
Later in the afternoon we got both kids to watch a DVD and we suck off to the bedroom where we traded oral before going thru a short list of positions doggy...cum, doggy-bounce....cum, missionary ....cum .... before once again busted with a knock on the door. Samantha had got off 6-7 times by now, and it only made me crazy horny. So when Sam asked me if I wanted to split the half of a Viagra and the rest of her wine, I was like .... "Hell Yeah!".
Last night was the icing on the muffin! And though it wasn't a marathon session (Samantha was a little sore), it was about 45 minutes of very intense sex. It was actually better than the larger 1/2 dose in some ways. It was a more natural erection, less numb feeling, and I wasn't as buzzed as the first time. It make you feel like you are 17 again. She said she didn't feel any effect. I wasn't sure because when we first started kissing I didn't feel much. But when I went down on her, once she came, I was ready. I think that she gave me oral for a minute out of formality, then we went through our beginning routine (doggy, doggy-bounce, etc.) switching positions after each time she came. Then a couple on her belly, once spreading her ass cheeks, before settling in on a little missionary, the on side (just EATING her tits), then me on top, her riding. 2x, reverse cowgirl, doggy again, back to missionary to finish. After a couple orgasms, I convinced her into doggy once more to get me off. She put her hand between her legs and grabbed hold of my nuts and tickled my asshole. She took me to the edge and spun around and took me in her mouth and started fingerfucking my asshole in time with bobbing her head on my ccck until my head freakin exploded in a long lasting orgasm. I had been waiting all day for that moment and it was well worth it.
She went to spit, then came back to bed and we laid in each others arms and flirted and kissed. Between the smell of her pussy and the taste of my cum on her lips, the V wasn't letting my cock go down. She laughed and said that she was sore and we were thru, so I went to sleep grinding my half hard chub between her butt cheeks as I snuggled in and spooned her.
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2/21/2006 1:21 pm

Sounds like ya'll had a really great weekend, I think I am going to have to try to have at least one day like that with my husband one day...soon.

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