Best Sex in a Long Time!!!!!!  

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7/13/2006 9:52 am
Best Sex in a Long Time!!!!!!

Best Sex in a long Time!

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I know it is hard to beat some of the sex that we have been having lately, but last night Samantha said she thought it was the best she has in a while.
I thought it was really good, too, it just wasn't the marathon sex that I get into sometimes.
Maybe it is the fact that I gave her oral for 25 minutes before we even got started .... LOL.
I hurried up to the bedroom while she was in the shower and lit candles and put on some k.d. lang (pussy lickin' music)... LOL. I got into our sex box and got out a blindfold, a paddle and a vibrator and hid them under the bed. When she came in, I blindfolded her and shut the door. I walked her to the edge of the bed and spun her around a couple times, and threw her face down on the bed. I straddled her back and kissed her neck and ear and then kissed my way down her back to her ass. I kissed and licked her asscheeks, and teased her puckered pink hole with my tongue. Then I licked her pussy from behind til she had her first orgasm. Still bent over I kissed around and and talked dirty, and gave her some "love taps" with the paddle. Her pussy was so wet, it was leaving prints on the paddle.
I pushe her over on her back nnd pulled her to the edge of the bed for some extended pussy licking. I slipped a finger in her pussy and gave her what she like the best. I massaged her g-spot while licking flat and wide on her clit. She started thrashing around and came wildly. Her pussy got soaling wet and the taste changed as cum ran down my chin. I climbed on top of her and took off her blindfold and kissed her on the mouth. She loves to taste her pussy on my lips. The I went back down on her, and pulled out the vibrator and placed it firmly against her little asshole, and started sucking on her clit. I brought her off a couple times like this until we both couldn't stand it.
She jumped on the bed nd bent over and spread her pussy and offered it to me. That is what I had been wanting all day and I just laid it to her until she came. We switched positions half a dozen times, sometimes using the vibe on her bunghole. But the best was me on my back with
her riding,with her hands supporting against the wall and the vibe about 2 inches in her ass. She stopped once to keep from cumming, but the second time she couldn't stop and came violently, spasming and cussing and calling me a slut.
After she had her multiple orgasms, she said she wanted it on her tongue again (she know just what to say!) and she fell to the floor and grabbed my balls. I shot on her tongue and it dripped down her chin and onto her tits. It was so hot, like living a porno, it makes me hard to even think about it! She has tonight off, and if it is even half as hot, I will be cool with that!!!!

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