2 Days of Totally Hot Sex (with photos)  

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1/9/2006 2:23 pm

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2 Days of Totally Hot Sex (with photos)

When you're hot, you're hot! We both woke up very horny and affectionate. After several days of arguing, the previous nights sex is what we both really needed to get us back on same page. Once again, we spent the whole day planning on what kind of perverted acts we were going to do to each other that night.
We spent a romantic day together, having lunch and flirting. We usually don't drink on school nights, but we had so much fun the night before that Samantha said she was going to have a couple drinks, and how could I resist! We didn't drink as much, but we were both feeling pretty crazy when Sam asked me to take a shower with her. We took turns washing each other, and I noticed that Sam spent extra time on my ass. She told me she wanted to tongue my ass and turned me around. Soon as I felt her tongue, my cock was hard instantly. She reached thru my legs and jacked my cock as she tongue-fucked my asshole. Fuck this, I was ready for some pussy!
We dried off and headed back to the bedroom. I was ready to eat some pussy, but she beat me to it and went straight to sucking my cock. I leaned over and fingered her sopping wet pussy, while she gobbled my hard dick. This didn't last long because we were both ready for some sex. It was kinda like the night before .... hot, pussy-pumping, dirty talking, position changing, orgasmic all out fucking .... followed by romantic, "I love you" whispering, me on top, between those lucious thighs, grindy, slow sex .... followed by lusty, loud ending with me coming all over her lips and face (see photos).
The last couple days have been so hot that it is all we have been talking about.
Oh, Yeh, ... something I have forgotten to mention, Samantha can't take the pill, so unless we use an alternative birth control method, or usually method is me pulling out and shooting on whatever Samantha tells me that she wants glazed. Sam isn't shy, she isn't cum-shy either, and this lets me live out my pornstar fantasies of coming all over the sexiest, most fun places. Both of us are into the photo thing so I often get to photograph the results.

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1/11/2006 4:04 pm


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