Some pictures up, and another day at work.  

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12/29/2005 1:05 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Some pictures up, and another day at work.

I decided to put up some pictures on my dick at least, I am to shy to post my face
Although I have to take some new ones, but for the moment I cant be arsed to take new ones.

Talking about arse, I hooked up with this girl 1 year ago that was incredible, she had a very nice and tasty ass, I just loved the picture I took of it after one of our plays, it sucks the the camera I used wasnt as good though.
I will buy a new camera after new year.!!

So I am having a cold and feeling a bit sick. Today at work I went into one of our "resting rooms" since we were only 3 people there and there wasnt much to do. I was just resting (I swear!) and my bosses wife comes in and asks me how I am (she is 54), I say that I only wanted to lay down for a couple of minutes since my head hurt and I had just taken an aspirin.

So she starts telling me how sorry she feels for me and sits down besides me. We spoke a little and she left after a couple of minutes.
I dont know if its me and older women or if its just my imagination, I just felt that she was coming on to me, but no way I can be the first to come out since the situation is like it is. Oh well, at least I can fantasize about it

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