Ah home again, dating scene rocks. HAPPY new year!  

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1/1/2006 1:33 am

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Ah home again, dating scene rocks. HAPPY new year!

So I visited some friends and had dinner and some social acitivies, they didnt want to go out, but I had other plans!.

I went into town and this bar looking around for some nice women, which I met.!
I started talking to this older woman and after we had been drinking and talking for about an hour I became pretty tired so I asked her where she live and if we could continue talking there (because the sound level in the pub was getting high). She said yes to my suprise and we took a cab to her place.!

We had sex for 3 hours and then fell asleep, she were gonna go up working today, good luck to her!

The sex were great. She didnt mind me rimming her for a long time and she did enjoy my finger in her ass. I used a condom though, which I HATE, she insisted and I obliged though. She said that she would like to meet up again, so I might have a great 2006 in front of me.

Strange thing though, I sign up here and get a sex partner in the pub. The bad thing about the pub deal is that it takes so long. If I want to have sex it takes hours, first you need to find a good pub, then the girl, then you need to chat with them for a long time etc.etc.
I really wanted AdultFriendFinder to be more active with girls, I guess I have been doing the wrong thing here. I payed for a month though, so I'll stick around until then, or until its over with this older woman I met.

happy happy happy, 2006 does look bright.


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