A Rose  

HotLilSouthAngel 47F
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12/18/2005 7:43 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

A Rose

She sits as a tight bud in the middle of the bed. Her chin resting firmly on her chest and knees folded in to her torso. Her hands cover her head, with her fingers tightly grasping the back of her head. Her picturesque body is protected by her pentacles that keep her surroundings away. She is naked to the world. Without her limbs protecting her, she would be destroyed by the elements of her environment. Her bare skin is flawless. Her body yearns for the awakening that only the light can bring. Her long blond hair covers the lightly tanned skin on her back. Each strand of her hair sways to her heartbeat that beats fearlessly as she is invigorated. Her fingertips dig tighter into her scalp, for it is the protection she needs. She protects her nectar and treasure from the world, never baring her soul and inner-self to others. It is the light that can save her, make her blossom and unfold. The light is mystical to her. It is unknown and unseen. It is yet to be experienced. But still she aches for it, needs it to survive. Without the light she may never come to a full term blossom. Her moisture needs to be awakened and heated. Her skin is a smooth tan, silky covering for her treasure. Her body is pulsating with excitement. The air around her begins to warm and she can feel it nearing her. It is the light that has found her. Each ray embracing her skin, bringing it to life and adding the glistening of a woman ready to reveal her treasure. Waves of exuberation race across her nerves as she unfolds. As the ray of light caresses her and touches her fingers her hand begins to move, loosening the grip from her skin. Slowly each arm graceful moves allowing her head to arise. There union of light and pentacle create a marriage of nature in which is rarely matched. She beholds such beauty that only the light can see and bring. She unfolds in a dance of tandem from the warmth the light brings to her. Her security is enriched from what the light brings to her. Her body glows with pleasure and anticipation as she basks each pentacle in the touch of the light on her body. Her back begins to straighten, and her legs stretch forward. She is now aroused by her surroundings. Each of her senses are at a full peak, ready to be used to the fullest extent. It is the light, the light that brings her to life glows across her outstretched body. It creates a new blossom. She is pert from the warmth. Her torso is slim, and each muscle toned to perfection. She is a Mona Lisa to the light. She holds moments of truth, trust, and euphoria that she needs to give to the light. She holds a treasure in which only the light can experience. Her aroma begins to fill the air. It’s a sweet smell that only she can produce. The room surrounds with the smell of her outstretched perfection. She is bare, on her bed, full abloom. The light fills her, surrounds her, and drinks the insolated moisture on her limbs. It embraces her and protects her. It dances on her body twirling with the gentle wind that blows across her. All her pentacles are fully extended, leaving her vulnerable to the light and all the surroundings. The light has made her blossom, bringing her to full growth from within. For she is like a rose needing sunlight with each arm, leg and her head being her petals that protect her until time to bloom. The bloom awakened by the light. The light is mystical.

Isn’t it amazing how a woman is so similar to a rose? She needs tender care, moisture and her light to make her blossom. A woman is a treasure, her abilities limitless. She can carry life, she can fulfill, she nurtures and her nectar is so sweet. Her skin is silky like the petals of a rose. Only the light can touch her in the gentle caressing way she longs to be awakened. The light is the mystical man she awaits to bring her alive. Without the light a rose will cease to blossom. Where, what and who is the light?

rm_luke69iner 48M
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12/18/2005 11:17 pm

I just wanted to write this for you Lil when I saw your post. I don't usually write stuuf like this but I'm trying and you are definitely worth someone writing better words than I can bring forth.

Even in the velvet darkness of our blackest night
There is always a guiding star waiting and burning bright

If I could be that starlight that caresses you
I would come to you slowly like the early dawn
Touching you gently as you transition from darkness

I would embrace you with my softest presence
Each day understanding more of your unique beauty
Memorizing each aspect of you with my warm kisses

I would always come to you for no greater joy
Then to share my warmth and light with you
To gently encourage you by illuminating your beauty

Euphoric as you become comfortable by my daily presence
And slowly open a little more each day with blossoming perfection
Until there is only your beauty merging with my warmth forever

But in truth we only exist outside of your presence
Locked outside in the shadow of your walls

I only have a stream of letters coalesced into words
Sent to you from the protected place within my soul

Don't let the walls that protect you
Keep you forever in the dark

In the darkness of everybody's life
There's light waiting to be let in


S'io credesse che mia risposta fosse
A persona che mai tornasse al mondo,
Questa fiamma staria senza piu scosse.
Ma perciocche giammai di questo fondo
Non torno vivo alcun, s'i'odo il vero,
Senza tema d'infamia ti rispondo

MillsShipsGayly 51M

12/19/2005 6:55 am

The unfolding of each petal is a beutiful and strong metaphor.

So many great metaphors for the rose.

There used to be a graying
Tower all alone on the sea
You became the light of the dark side of me
Love remained a drawbridge
Not high enough to feel

But did you know that when it snowed
My eyes become large
And the light that you shine can't be seen

Baby, I can play a tune
A kiss from a rose on the grave
Oh, the more I get of you
A stranger who fills the air
And now that your rose is in bloom
A light hits the gloom of the grave

There's so much a man can tell you
So much you can say
You remained my power, my pleasure, my pain
(Baby) To me you're like a wrong addiction that I can't deny
Won't you tell me, is it healthy babe?

I've been kissed by a rose on the grave
I've been kissed by the rose on the grave
I've been kissed by the rose on the grave

rm_DCStallion7 46M

12/23/2005 8:13 pm

But if too many crowd around the rose the light cannot reach her....

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