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11/11/2005 1:19 pm

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Well seems I have been missed round here the past couple of days. Sorry bout that everyone but I have been workin some major overtime hours to make up for being sick. I did have my friend over. She ended up spending the night and we stayed up really late watching movies after I got home from work. It was cool to have her here. It was like a little slumber party. We fell asleep on the couch together bout 4 this mornin and I woke up to her strippin her clothes off cause it was too hot in here...lol. We played around a lil bit but both of us were just too tired to take it much further. This morning before she left I said....well you know we are gettin to old when we would rather sleep than make out...lmao. She just laughed and asked if she could stay again tonight if she could arrange it....so the possability of us doin more could occurr tonight. Im certainly not going to object....lol. Well guys i am off to do some house cleaning and get dinner started. Im off tonight and not sure what she is doing yet but if its fun I will certainly fill you all in Ta Ta For Now

rm_4791lj 42M

11/12/2005 7:30 pm

Hope things worked out. Nothing like fun with a friend to get your mind off the work!

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