Just curious.....  

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11/17/2005 4:34 pm

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Just curious.....

Ok just a question. But why is it...i get an email from a memeber and all they show me is their lower half. Then they want to meet that very night. First of all....what makes them think I am going to meet them that night without even knowing them. And second of all what makes them think all I am interested in is their lower half. I know really thats 2 questions...lol. Just to let you all know...there is actually more to me than sex. Yes it does happen to be one of my most favorite things. But honestly I have alot more to me if you took the time to find out. Not only am i very sexual...which is a given if you read my profile and some of my blogs...but I happen to be cute...lol. And very sweet, and fun loving, and smart. OMG yes I do have a brain in my head....lol.. Sorry to put a damper on those that like readin my blogs but there wont be any fun posted for a few days. I have some overtime im workin and there isnt any time for fun But soon enough I will have something to chat about im sure. Just be patient...lol. Ta Ta For Now.

thinkingway2hard 51M

11/18/2005 4:27 pm

<<I'm now holding a lit lighter up above me head>>

Good post

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