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HornyScotsGirl76 40F
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4/2/2006 7:23 am
Sex Adventures

I'm thinking of nothing else but sex right sorry this will be full of it.

On Friday night I was working late..nightshift. I can't say what I was doing as that would give the game away as to who exactly I am. Discretion and all that. Anyway, I was the only one in my particular building however I knew that an ex-boyfriend of mine was also working nightshift in another building on site. We don't really speak to eachother anymore but occasionally when the mood takes both of us we carry on an email or text message seduction. Which usually ends in both of us getting very pissed off at eachother but also fucking eachother's brains out. I genuinely do not really like him anymore but I always know that the sex would be good and after going through all the emails I had on the site knew that I wouldn't settle until I got screwed.

So I sent him an email and we started the usual process of slagging each other off...I know that if I tell him he is crap in bed then I know I will get a fuck out of it as he feels the need to proove himself. Low and behold he is telling me he will sort me out when he finishes at 6am if not sooner.

A while later he appears in my office...taunting me, telling me I wouldn't have the guts to do anything at work. (I knew he would be through as had checked when his breaks were). So now I am normally very submissive but as I was feeling so frisky got very dominant. Told him to get his cock out and I would proove it. Never one to say here I am in the middle of this huge empt office on my knees sucking hard on his cock. Now he's not very experimental but while I was sucking and moaning...decided to push him a bit...i would have said no if he had stopped start playing with his balls and then slipping my finger into his god he loved it...started thrusting his cock further into my mouth. This was really, really turning me on. The effect I was having on him. So I told him to sit on the chair while I took off my jeans and then straddled him...fucked him so hard...really going for it...telling him to spank me hard.

After all of that...when both of us had cum so hard...and my cunt was hurting after just the one was so vigourous...i wasn't expecting to hear from him again that night, after he went back to work, but at 6am he was there waiting for me. Got into his car. We never spoke to in my door and straight away he was pulling my jeans down. Never even got upstairs...he fucked me up the arse right there on the stairs. I would never have dreamed he was capable of it. We then went upstairs where he fucked me another 3 times hard and also with vibro while I sucked his cock. i was completely amazed...and hardly able to walk!!! he has never been like that before. But you know what the biggest turn on was...we never spoke...apart from dirty talk...he calls me a fucking slut when we are fucking...turns me on loads...but we never had any of the pleasantries of normal conversation. When he was done he just left.

It was fucking amazing!! I have since recevied an email telling me he doesn't know what came over him and would I like dinner sometime!! I know what came over him was that finger up his arsehole!!

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