A bit of a shame  

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5/21/2005 3:52 pm

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A bit of a shame

So, I'm in Vermont and there's not really any good porn stores here. I went to Good Stuff and Church Street in Burlington but it's a weak excuse. Imago's excellent but it's a little too far north up in Milton and the bigger Good Stuff in St. Albans is way too far, unless I find a rendezvous up there. So, anyway luckily there's this gas station which carries a fair selection of porn in Williston. The onyl problem is is that it's a gas station. I did go today though. I go in and pick up my copy of Eighteen and in walks a dad and his 7 year-old daughter. I immediately fold it over so she can't see as the door is literally right next to the magazine rack. Then, I wait until they check out till I pay. It's a bit of a drag. I mean I'm not ashamed to be buying porn or anything but gotta keep it away from the young kids. Anyone else find this problem anywhere else?

BTW, it's a pretty good issue but lacks the typical XXX section.

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