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8/6/2005 12:21 am

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Home again

Well, I got home at 2am. The airline lost my bag, which normally wouldn't be that annoying except that I have a wedding to go to today and I need some of the things in my bag. Oh well, maybe they will deliver it before I leave.

So, an interesting thought... I wish and have wished for awhile that I could have one power: to take away the pain of those I care about. I have a friend (she knows who she is) that is going through some difficult times with relationships and guys in general. I would love to take her pain and frustaration and help her realize what she really wants and move towards that. Alas, I don't think I can. I hope and pray she will, but, as I learned long ago, we can only decide what we will do. Can't change others or make them do what might be good for them. So, to my friend, I really hope you will be able to make the change your trying to and go after a guy that desreves you and treats you right.

Ok, sleep now.

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