HornyBrunet00 35F
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9/11/2005 4:20 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


Well hello

Been on this site around a week, joined as a Silver Member yesterday, and arranging meets left right and center, feeling very wicked! what would my Grandmother say.

Bit pissed of with my AdultFriendFinder email at the moment, I seem to be getting rather a large delay between someone sending one and me receiving it. And my inbox tells me I have new emails, but I can't see them! it got up to 20 new emails yesterday that I could not open! is anyone else having that problem?

Guys sending emails - be patient with me! I hope you realise that you outnumber girls around 2 to 1 (I think) on this site, I can only fuck so many of you! lol

faultlessfun 45M
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9/11/2005 5:00 am

hi, i woke up very horny and looking for some help. it was nice to read your blog

TheQuietGuy2005 54M
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9/11/2005 5:03 am

Welcome both to AdultFriendFinder and to Blogland, Horny.

I think you're underestimating the ration of men to women though: I thought it was nearer 5 to 1 ... maybe even higher!

Messages can be a little trying at times. What I've found (and, granted, I don't get anything like the volume you do for fairly obvious reasons!) is that the ones that won't open right now will open later. It's just a question of whether you can be bothered to be so patient when there are a hundred other messages to open!


HornyBrunet00 35F

9/11/2005 6:04 am

wow, so many, no wonder I get so many emails, and here, I though I must be popular!

redswallow777 48M
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9/11/2005 6:30 am

Welcome to blogland. Unfortunately things are not always up to speed around here....patience is a necessary virtue.

methodman1000 40M
1775 posts
9/11/2005 8:14 am

yes u need patience and welcum to AdultFriendFinder nad blodland

funsailor84 32M

9/11/2005 8:37 am

Ya'll are getting closer. The real ratio is just shy of 10 guys to every gal. (Just look at the numbers of who's logged on if you the Friendfinder messenger). Welcome to AdultFriendFinder Brunet- Have fun.

Bighotandhorny4U 57M
6 posts
9/11/2005 3:16 pm

I'm having problems with emails as well, one min it says I have some , then the inbox is empty, then it says I have none, then it says i have some and they are there!
I think somone is updating the site, or doing maintanence

rm_ladybug1991 105F
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2/11/2006 2:18 pm

hey we are new here so whats the up?
well post us a message K?
______ Joanne and Beth _________

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