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Manchester Academy 28th June

If you have never heard of this band before let me quickly enlighten you with a brief synopsis -

Formed in 1984 when synth player Joie Hinton returning from India with a bag full of new synth effects, stumbled upon brothers Ed Wynne guitar and Roly Wynne bass, performing in a band known at the time as Bolshem People, with Gavin Griffiths and drummer Nick 'Tig' Van Gelder, after an impromptu jam session and a name change based upon an anagram of a psychedelic breakfast cereal, Ozric Tentacles came to be. In the past 21 years they have dominated the space rock music scene and both crustie and raver have tuned in to and embraced their unique blend of music. Although there have been plenty of changes in band members over the years spawning further interesting collaberations and off shoots from the mother band. If you want to know more about the bands origins, successes and album releases then check out the links to the bands official website and 2 outstanding fan sites all are packed with loads of goodies and everything you could wish to know .

So where we ahh, yes the musical style. Well it has'nt really changed that much but it doesnt need to Ed and the guys have pretty much stuck to an ecelectic fusion of electronics, guitars and wind instruments lovingly fused together via egyptian african based melodies, spacey atmospherics and deep dubbed out bass lines and from within that they can still transform it into fast exciting invigourating rock, and I mean fast.... Now, the current line up of Ed Wynne Guitars, keyboards, John Egan Flute and Mental Projections, Brandi Wynne keyboards, Metro Drums and Hagos Bass, wonder if he plays Ever Quest II I know there is was a Lord Hagos on line when I first started playing.... now that would be a bizzare bazzar lol are still touring onwardly "Spiralling through Hyperspace" and on the 28.05 happy hours occured for me and the other mancunian faithful .

Although we were gathered in the smallest room, the atmosphere was electric with beautiful Eastern music to preempt a flavour of the evening to come and as so is often the case by the time the Ozrics appeared on stage the room had gone from fullish to packed...then the opening number started and our time had begun. I shall list what I can rememberof the actual set at the end and if I remember the odd track at a future time then I'll add it.. So after what felt like a longer time than 1 hour and 45 mins with plenty of cool tunes and some nice crowd banter by "Champignon" John ut was encore time, and I have never seen a shorter encore period that is from the band leaving stage to coming back on in all the gigs I have been too put simply because everyone went mental and that was fab, sadly 15 minutes later it was all over and this time the sound of P.A. Music and the flourescent lights being switched on gave the realisation that the show was over no matter how vocal the audiences further shouts for more were....

So happy hours was over after a 2 year wait as funnily enough the last time they played Manchester I was just coming round from surgery but thats another story...

I have been a fan of Ozrics for the past 12 years after I first saw them live on the 26.06.92 at Glastonbury festival just before the Orb although my most memorable Ozrics gig involved another 3 Ledgends of the Free Festival era being Hawkwind which I travelled to Nottingham too see purely because Ozrics were there as Support and then a few days later it was Here & Now with the University of Errors [Daevid Allen of Gomg fame being the legend the UoE wasn't around then] a bit closer to home in Ashton - under - Lyne in May 03...

Set List well a sketchy version of...probably not in running order and with Omissions and maybe errors until further notice. Apolgies

Jurassic Shift
Pyramidon improv
White Rhino Tea
Snake Pit
Kick Muck

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