could this be the end????  

Hornball4U2005 31F
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10/8/2005 12:03 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

could this be the end????

Well I have had many many sexual escapades over the past year but I am afraid they are coming to an end. I have met the man of my dreams... my soulmate. He is also member of this site and he loves me to death. I have moved in with him and we are so extremely happy together it should be illegal. For thos eof you I never had the chance to hook up with, I'm sorry... if this doesn't work out you will see my happy ass back on here looking for love (or at least lookin for sex). Best wishes to all of you.

rm_willie8one2 70M
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10/9/2005 9:47 am

I am so happy for you as you are one exceptional woman that deserves the very best. I will always remember meeting you.

Hornball4U2005 31F

10/9/2005 2:10 pm

Awww....Willie...ty hun.. I will always remember meeting you... still have the pics

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