Cabin Encounter Part II  

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12/4/2005 4:36 pm

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Cabin Encounter Part II

As Brian hangs your coats by the fire you two begin to look around the cozy little cabin. The first thing you notice is the smell of cider, then the lingering smell of pine and the fire place...

After I hang the coats I ask you two if you'd like to come in and sit by the fire and warm up. Sure Miranda says and she bends over to take off her boots. Just place them on the rug over there, I tell her. You bend over a take your boots off too. The both of you sit down and Miranda asks if I have any Ice for her forehead? Sure I do...I go to the kitchen area and grab a clean wash cloth and place some ice in it and hand it to her. Would you girls like some cider, I ask. You say to me sure, that sounds yummy as you look at Miranda and she nods. Ok then, I'll go grab you right back. You whisper to Miranda...are you ok? She whispers back...yeah I'm fine, I just want to play up my little wound for that hunk. You two giggle quietly to yourselves...

I grab three mugs and pour out some homemade apple cider for the two girls. As I look for some cinnamon sticks I glance over at the two hotties that are sitting on my couch and can't believe how good looking they both are. As I search I fumble with a few jars and find the cinnamon. I bring back the three mugs and place them on the coffee table. help yourselves, I say as I take one and sit down on the lazyboy.

You and Miranda grab a mug and sit enjoy the warm mug against your chilled you take a sip your start to relax and stare at the fire. I ask Miranda if her head feels any better? Well, slightly she whimpers and pouts a tad. You thing to yourself...what a little flirt! as you notice her eyes checking out Brian.

I get up and saunter over to Miranda to check out her forehead. I ask her to lay back a bit and I take a look at her wound. Aww its not that bad I say, I can fix you right up. I go to the bathroom and grab a warm washcloth, peroxide, anti-bacterial cream, and a bandage. I place all the stuff on the couch and begin to clean her up. As I wipe the little blood from her hair I look into those deep blue eyes and get lost for a second. I pour a little peroxide on the towel and tell her its gonna sting a bit. Miranda says ok and bites her lower lip slightly. I carefully dab the small cut and it only bubbles a bit...she only lets out a little whimper and its over. I then place the cream on the bandage and carefully cover the cut. There I say, all fixed up. Without any hesitation Miranda expresses her thanks with a little kiss to Brian's cheek.

My heart skips a beat as a feel her soft lips come in contact with my cheek...I stand there in a daze for a sec and problem, and I go to put all the stuff away.

What are you doing? you ask Miranda quietly. I'm being nice! as she flashes you a slight grin. Oh I know that grin...your up to something. Well, she says...If we're stuck out here, we might as well have fun! You think about that for a moment and you realize, it has been awhile since you had any fun...lets see where this takes us.

As I'm putting the stuff away I can't help but think about that innocent little kiss. They both are so hot, but that would be so rude to just start hitting on them...I stare into the mirror and say to myself...well if you ever wanted a threesome, this might be it! just don't blow it you chump! I walk back out to the girls and catch them giggling to themselves...what are you two up to! I say with a smile. Oh nothing you say as you wink at Miranda...and she almost chokes on her cider. The three of us just laugh it off. Mind if I put on some music? Sure you two say together...something soft Miranda says. I walk over to the old record player and begin to search for some nice music...Ahh some good Miles Davis. I fire up the old player and place the needle on the wax...and out comes the soft sweet sounds of jazz.

Hey! Miranda turns way! I love Miles! she says with a certain giddiness to her words. Great I I come back to sit down. Miranda has this perma-smile on her face as I approach the living room. Sit next to us here on the couch! she speaks up, no need to be alone over there on the lazy-boy. You are quite shocked at her boldness....could she have hit her head that bad? you just smile to yourself and slide over giving Brian some room to sit.

I sit down and grab my mug and sit back...So where are you two from? I say, Well Miranda is from Fond du Lac and I'm from Madison...We went to college together at the UW. Thatís cool I say with a smile, Its nice that you two keep in contact with each other. Oh we definitely will, Miranda says. We where also roommates down there. Ahh I say, so I'm sure you two had quite the time then. Oh yeah you say...we're both quite into having fun! You can't believe you just said that...oh well, roll with it.

After some small talk and getting to know one another you tell Brian that the cider was very good, but do you have anything else a tad stronger? you say with a smile...yeah Miranda says that stuff is great! but let me look what else you have as she places her and on my knee. Miranda gets up...I can't help myself and I check out her ass as she frolicís her way to the kitchen. I stare longer than I should...You catch Brian checking out poke him in the ribs. Hey I say, as I turn and smile. Cute ainít she? you say to him...I clear my throat sheepishly, Umm yeah you can say that, and you are just as hot! GAWD! did I just say that out loud! I think to blush slightly and say thanks!

Just then Miranda yells from the kitchen "Sara, wine or beer?" Umm what kind? Miranda says...he's got all kinds! just come here and help me pick one sigh, OK..on my way! You shake her head at Brian saying man...she can't make a decision to save her life! you smile and get up, want anything? Umm yeah grab me a Linies please. You flash a smile, sure thing! You turn to the kitchen and you can feel his gaze checking your ass out look over your shoulder with a grin, and turn the corner into the kitchen.

I sit back into the couch thinking to myself...damn which one should I go after...they BOTH are flirting! Thoughts of those two youthful bodyís naked by the fireplace dance through my head. I just sigh a bit and place my hands to the back of my head and push myself deeper into the couch and relax.

As you turn the corner you see Miranda looking through the bottles of wine. Can't you make up your mind? you say...shhhh come here! she says. You get closer to find out what she wants. She turns around with two bottles...Red or White? with a smile...You look at the choices and say...umm white I guess. Red it is! she says with a huge smile! Hey, if you knew what you wanted why did you call me over here...She pulls you close, remember that time you fucked your boyfriend in our dorm room and I pretended to be asleep? Umm say slightly embarrassed. I just sat there and played with my pussy..I wanted to join you two so bad! Really? you say...that would have been HOT! I know, Miranda says...want to give Brian the night of his life? Your pulse quickens as you have always wanted to do a threesome but it never happened. You stare into her eyes and you whisper...yes, lets do it...

Miranda leans closer to you and gives you a sweet kiss on the lips...thank you. Your heart races...thatís the first kiss you have ever had from a have always wondered what it would feel like...soft and sweet is the only things that come to your mind.

Miranda smiles and grabs the wine glasses and heads towards the living room. Grab the wine opener thingy would ya! she winks at you over her shoulder. You grab the corkscrew and open the fridge and grab Brian's beer.

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