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8/5/2006 9:18 pm
Fuzzy Things

I like cereal. Not like...oatmeal and what not...although on cold days I like that too..but breakfast cereal.

I'm normally all about Honeycombs, Fruity Pebbles and Golden Grahams...but healthy me is now going over to the dark side and trying the "good for you" cereals. Blah.

First on the block was Healthy Start..not sure who makes it. The overall taste wasn't bad, but there's these little bits of concrete in there that will absolutely bust your teeth out. Once you get past that...it's not bad until it shows back up a few hours later. I suppose that's where the " healthy " part kicks in. This stuff makes your butthole sneeze. HAHahaha..picture that for a minute. There is no consistency, nada. Every bad thing you've ever eaten is at one, violent moment birthed into the waters of immortality.

Why am I sharing this? I don't know. Because I have a blog, that's why. And somewhere, someone is bored enough to read it.

So enjoy....I'm going to finish my Fruity Pebbles. ;o)

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