A New Year's Eve Treat  

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1/3/2006 12:07 pm

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A New Year's Eve Treat

Call me dense, but here's a story too funny to let slide, and it just happened this past weekend.

I went to a friend's New Year's Eve party in central IA, and quite a few people showed up. All night I had been staring at one of his friends who really caught my eye. She was absolutely beautiful - face and body - and a personality that could not be matched.

After many drinks, her and I begin talking. We both finished our beers and I asked if I could get her something to drink. She said she was very thirsty and could really go for some Dickin's Cider. Being the dense man I am, I didn't catch it right away. I go inside the house to locate some Dickin's Cider!!! I search the many different coolers we had stashed and found nothing. I go up to the host of the party and I asked "Do you know where I could find some Dickin's Cider? Stacy is thirsty." Jeff quickly shot back "Sounds to me like she's hungry for cock". Then it hit me. How could I be so slow to not catch that one? I will blame it on the alcohol.

I played stupid for a while longer though and went out and told Stacy that there was no Dickin's Cider left. I said that I knew where she could get some though. She asked me to go with her to get it. We leave the house and close the gate behind us and before I could say a word, she is unzipping my pants. My cock was already bulging just from talking to this woman, and as soon as she grabbed my crotch it was begging to jump out.

It didn't take her long to have my cock in hand and slowly stroke it. Soon after, she was placing the tip in her mouth slowly working her way up the shaft. The whole time she is swallowing my rod, I am playing with her 36C tits with one hand and unzipping her pants with the other. It was very cold out, so her nipples were already at attention.

SHe continued to suck my rod while I was massaging her clit by reaching over and under while she was down on me. As I was starting to penetrate a finger in her tight fuck hole, she too was sliding a finger in with her loose hand. This didn't last long though as she wanted her Dickin's Cider REALLY bad.

Needless to say I was craving her pussy around my cock, so I beant her over and did her doggy. This went on for about 20 minutes with her cumming and me following soon after. We knew it had to be a quicky due to the cold and the amount of people there.

As we were wrapping it up and kissing, Jeff happened to walk around the corner and blurted "Did you find any Dickin's Cider yet?" Stacy smiled and replied, "Yes I did, thank you". Since she was from out of town it probably won't happen again, but it was a New Years eve that I won't soon forget. We both needed the same thing and we both got what we wanted....an orgasm.

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