If three times means you strike out?  

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3/26/2005 7:42 pm

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If three times means you strike out?

I have actually met three men on AdultFriendFinder. The first man was great. His marital status was perfer not to say and he ended up married. The second man was single but I confused him so much we broke it off after one wild "animalist"(his work) passionate love making session. The last guy was so afraid of my sexuality he couldn't handle it so he left to go back to his ex wife who he divorced because she cheated on him.

I am still friend with the first man I met. He is a very confused but caring man so we have remained friends. The other two were so wishy washy I told them never to bother me again. The single guy I thought I could get him to understand that my sexuality and passion were private and that my live was normal. But he could get past the sex.

Is there any man out there who is not afraid to just fall in love and want to be loved and give love back. I am extreme passionate in bed, about music and my family. But I am a mild mannered law abiding citizen.

My photo is old, I have one taken last night at a dinner of about a dozen or plus women. The women who took it calls me the "Sexy Do Woman". So if I can get a committed lesbian intersted why can't an all american male have the balls to want to love only one women and accept her and her passions without running away with his tail between his legs. I am single and I have been on my own so I have supported my self and I can make my own decision and I am "knock your socks off in bed". Why does it scare me off. It there no one man near Lincoln, NE will and able to want to be in a partnership with a very passionate and powerful women who can think for herself.



FunTypeA31 43M

6/3/2005 1:52 am

I am in Lincoln this summer and would like to talk to you sometime.

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