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Hisoka137 38M
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5/6/2005 10:53 am

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Love myths...

As an atheist, I do not only criticize religions, but beliefs in general. And people don't realize they've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.

The toughest myths are probably those concerning love. You have the people suffering from the "blue prince/princess" syndrome, who believe some day they will meet their ideal soulmate. The results are often catastrophic.

You have people who consider sex outside of marriage to be sinful. Some people from the previous cathegory will also tend to avoid sex before marriage.

You have the people who are sanctifying the feeling of love as one of the greatest things one can feel. Considering some drugs can generate the same effects, I don't see what's so great about love. Plus, it completely shrouds your thoughts in a thick mist, making it virtually impossible to think straight. However, once the hormone levels go back to normal, and we dispose of the little rationality nature has offered us, we cannot do anything else but have deep remorse or regret of the stupid things we've committed when "in love".

So, what do you think? Am I being to harsh? Or do you totally approve? Or just partially? Do you know about other cathegories of misconceptions about love?

Random1962 55F

5/6/2005 12:02 pm

If you've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast, why not round it off with breakfast at Milliway's, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe??? (You aren't the only one here who's read Douglas Adams' works!!!)

Tryanything1ceXX 44M/39F

5/6/2005 1:56 pm

I think If you were to try and believe in the unbelievable then purhapes LOVE would not ellude you so much. It isn't about the meaning or anything like that or hormone levels or shit its about finding someone that makes you ( can't eat sleep think can't do anything and would die without out there precense ) its about believeing IN LOVE. its about Not asking questions JUST BELIEVE and maybe you will find it.

Hisoka137 38M

5/18/2005 10:42 am

Random1962, this may be a quote from Douglas Adams, but originally, it comes from Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland".

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