Channel Surfing  

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5/2/2006 5:13 pm
Channel Surfing

So I was at the swingers club on friday night, and on fridays they let a larger number of single males in. But that doesn't mean these single males get to play. So I was sitting out on the couches just watching everything that was going on. I started to notice a pattern. There were two rooms with people playing in them. room one was my boyfriend and a single female that we know and in room four there was a couple who I have never met, and nothing was going on in rooms two and three. Well what I observed was these single guys and some couples (but mostly the single guys) would go and stand at the door way of room four and watch what was going on for about 30 seconds, then one of them would go back to room number one and start to watch what was going on in that room, then all of a sudden the rest of the pack would all follow and go to room one and watch. Then of coures they went back to room four again. Well this must have gone on for at least 30 minutes while I was sitting there. I started to think about what it reminded me of. What I came up with was these guys are channel surfing and can't figure out what show they want to watch more. So they just keep flipping the station back and forth. It was very comical to say the least. I have to admit I was almost tempted to go in channel three and start masturbating just to give them another show to flip through.

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