A Great new Treatment For HERPES  

HighDesertGirl 35F
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12/14/2005 6:45 pm

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A Great new Treatment For HERPES

Check out this thread called "Herpes Home Remedies" posted by one of the members of The Herpes Dating Group.They had a lot to talk about!

MysteriousDrEvil 55M
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12/14/2005 8:17 pm

Hi kids, this is a post on a home remedy website that I just posted.

BHT in capsule form will cut your frequency of outbreaks quite a bit, 500mg/day
BHT/olive oil topicaly will stop an outbreak quickly and will prevnet one if you start applying it at the first tingle or even thought that something may be going on. Fill a small bottle, 4oz or so 2/3 full of BHT chrystals and fill almost to the top with olive oil, leave enough room to shake it to mix. Put the bottle in a sunny window or put it in a pan of hot tap water and shake occasionally(don't microwave or heat in a pan)When there is about 1/3 crystals you will have a saturated solution, use it then.
DMSO by itself has shown itself to inactivate herpes, mixed with antivirals it may be even better. I haven't mixed it with BHT but if you do only use a pin head of if directly on the sore, (don't apply liberaly, you may make a biiiiiig scab, BHT and DMSO both dissolve fat, lipids, a very important part of your cell structure and sometimes 99% DMSO causes a rash or crusting of the surface skin so use a 70% solition or make one with distilled water from 99%.
MSM, methylsulfonymethane has shown to be an anti herpes supliment and is avaliable easily from Walmart or nearly anywhere. It is used for joint maintenence for arthritis and injured joints but is used in topical preparation for shingles(herpes)and is also in fever blister meds(herpes)and probably is effective against all herpes if taken internally, it is safe and well tested, the other remedies above work but are not as heavily documented as the safety of MSM.
I'll check here and see if there are any comments, please post anything you know that does work, and GET PROACTIVE!
If you see someone with a fever blister take them aside and tell them how you got rid of yours. If they say 'I'm using tea tree oil.' Say 'Well, now that you know that that doesn't work, try these things.'
There is life after herpes, learn how to control it and not spread it to others. Talk about it openly, 1 of 4 of us has it, you may find that the love of your life has it and hasn't a clue how to get rid of it. Wouldn't you like to be the one to give them back their sex life?

Well, that's it for now, but look on the internet, herpes, BHT, DMSO herpes home remedies(you'll see everything from butter and lemon juice to chemical compounds even I have no idea what they are)Just look around, there are ways to control it, maybe cure it eventually but for now treat yourself so you won't have any lesions and won't spread it, and help your friends to get rid of theirs too.
Good luck everyone......Babadave

SeriousBLUE 42M
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4/3/2006 9:37 am

The moron currently moderating the group has seen fit to delete all of the remedies posted there on over the counter remedies and has turned it into a social group. It is a dating group after all, who wants to cure herpes, just share it with other infected individuals, spread it to your mouth, eyes, anal area, etc.(that's called auto inoculation when you give yourself herpes in other parts of your body)
OR> Check the web for herbs and suppliments that will lessen the number of outbreaks you have and the degree of transmissability you have at any one sexual encounter with another.

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