Looking and still looking  

HersheyKises4luv 29M
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4/2/2006 4:51 pm
Looking and still looking

Hi i'm looking for a women who love a romantic guy. I'm 18 living in virginia and i'm a virgin. I want to have sex but i want it to be special with a candle light heart while we siting in the middle things like that.I also have fanties that i would like to try such as vanilla icescream in the tub instead of water. licking the ice scream off of u. even though it will be cold we will have a mini heater or candle so we won't be to freezing.I'm all chocolate in the outside milky in the inside.If u read my profile holla at me. I love to talk on the phone any meeting new people so if there's any women who want to talk and get to know call my . oh i give oral sex and believe i put any type of dessert on it and more. syrup, honey, and whip cream and i'll eat you out for so long you wouldn't believe it call me if u like what you read.

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