The cinema  

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9/27/2005 5:11 am

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The cinema

You know the mind is the single most sensitive sexual organ and i can think of lots of interesting ideas and exicting possibilities.

Like this one for example

We would meet for the first time outside a cinema at lunchtime. We'd say hello and talk briefly before going inside. It will be daytime and we go to watch a not too popular film (deliberately). You will wear a knee length flowing skirt, stockings, and lacy knickers and sheer blouse. These are important details. We buy our tickets and you sit next to me in an empty area of the theatre.

Once the film gets going we wait a minute or two and then I start to stroke your leg, and slowly work my way up to you thighs. Softly, gently caressing you smooth skin. Now there's not that much room in a cinema seat, but I will manage to slide my hand higher up and under you skirt and stroke the top of you thighs were the stockings end. I’d make small circles moving closer and closer to the centre of pleasure building up the tension. Now you parts you legs as wide as possible in the seat and if necessary raise you leg up and over the armrest. Now I’d move over the tops of you legs onto you lacy knickers and slide up and down very sensuously… touching the very top of you pussy lips lightly. Whilst I am doing this … you have lifted up your bloue and you have been stroking you breasts and teasing you nipples to erect stiffness.

Eventually as your breathing gets a little heavier, I will slide my finger down between you legs and search for the joining of you pussy lips. I would trace the line from the top of you lips down to as far as I could go. Lightly stroking and then pressing harder and harder but not so much as to push between you lips. As you get more and more excited you legs open wider and you pussy lips will open of themselves … parting to help ease the way into the pleasure zone.

This is my cue to find you clit and gently stroke it up and down through the material to bring waves of pleasure into you body. Then round and round in small circles and left and right. I love to bring pleasure to a lady ... feeling her getting wetter and wetter ..

At this point you focus is on my hand and its movements but you cant make any sound at all! At the same time I have started sucking and nibbling away at you nipples which you hold out for me and your back is beginning to arch and you hips are beginning to thrust. I massage you nipples, which I am sure you will like a lot! Slowly squeezing you breasts and rolling you nipples left and right till they are stiff … excited … tingling. We have hardly spoken a word and then i pause. I whisper in you ear and you will look at me and nod.

You reach down and quietly wriggle out of your knickers and arrange your skirt around yourself, not under you. then your hand reaches over to feel my rock hard stiff cock through my trousres. My hand will stroke your thight again and slowly work up to find you wet pussy lips that should open without any help at all... hot to trot! You may have to lift both you legs up and over the armrest of the chair so I can slide my fingers over your pussy really easily and then deep, deep inside you bringing a shuddering ragged breath out of you.

You breathing will be very hard and intoxicating (though you must be extremely quiet and controlled). So I will build up to some incredibly rapid strokes of you clit when you will arch you back and cum and cum… But quietly! We don’t want to attract attention do we?

Now it’s my turn… you get you breath back and then you slide carefully and quietly down onto you knees and between my legs. I sit back as you undo my zip and take out my stiff cock. First you imagine it’s a lollipop, licking and sucking it as if it were the tastiest thing in the world. Then while you suck away … you move my foreskin up and down and stroke my balls. Might not take too long, but eventually I explode into you mouth and you swallows all of my cum … sucking out every drop. When you are sure there’s no more … put me away and return to your seat.

We leave the film after that and go back to somewhere (your place?), have some chilled wine and fuck for several hours, until we are exhausted. The cinema is just the starter ... the main course was to follow.

Now what was the name of that film? Fucked if i can remember!

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