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Standing on the deck, looking out over the water. Feeling the breeze on your bare arms. It sends a chill through you. You see the darkness on the horizon. The flashes of light, that seem so far off. It is going to be strong....your pulse quickens.

You sit down, adjusting your seat so that you can still see the water. Your hair is pulled back in a ponytail. You release it, letting it blow softly in the breeze. You breathe....feeling the sun on your skin. Looking up, the darkness has gotten closer. Now you hear the slight rumble of far off.....your pulse quickens.

The waves start to pick does the wind. It feels good on Your warm skin. You get goose bumps and shiver. That shiver sends electric impulses through You. Your breath catches for a minute. The darkness is a lot is moving fast this afternoon. Now the flashes are much brighter, and the sound of the rolling thunder much closer. Your pulse quickens.

You feel the mist being pushed by the wind hitting You. It is cold. Goose bumps again. Your body starts to tingle. Now You can see the line of rain as it approaches. Then wind is now blowing hard....Your hair whipping around You. You push back Your sunglasses. You are ready. A sudden flash, and the clap of thunder....You jump in reaction. Your pulse is now pounding.

It is here, darkness complete, the strong drops pound your skin. Cold and wet. It drives your body wild....the sounds of the rain, the thunder, the crashing is so loud, so very close. Your breath is out of control....your body has taken over. You can't feel your pulse, but you can hear it.

Then it is fast as it came. The sun comes back out.....warming your body. You lay there, letting your body soak up all the warmth. Your breathing becomes regular again....your pulse slows.

There is a soft breeze, the smell of moisture in the air. The lapping of the waves. You here a seagull in the distance as it wings its way across the beach. The ocean. You are now calm again.....relaxing as you have not done all day. Life does have its special little rewards......your pulse is calm.

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