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5/28/2006 6:01 pm

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Ok, a close friend of mine said that they wanted to me to put something down about my wisdom on life....(hmmmm, I wonder about that), and to show my humor. Will try to do both.

Don't let the obvious pass you bye. I know sounds ridiculous doesn't it. But I am sure that you would be amazed how many times this really does happen. I was reminded of this the other day doing my job. Now some of you know I inspect cars as part of my job. I have been doing this now for almost 13 years. One would think by now that I had have this down to a science. One would be wrong.....LMAO.

In the past two weeks, I have walked off with someone's keys, only to have that person clear their throat as I was leaving, and say, "If You don't mind, I sort of need my keys to go to lunch." Polite way of saying, hey dumb dumb...you forgetting something. The other would be forgetting of equipment. Like I said, almost 13 years now, I know what I am supposed to have with me....or so You would think. I managed to leave the house one day without my camera...(an essential element in what we do....photos are always nice with an inspection). After realizing my little misshap, went to good old Wally World. I was amazed how out of date my company was....and the hoops You have to jump thru to get what You need.

Now, I can hear some of you asking, how does this relate to letting the obvious pass you bye. Well in both cases, if I had done what I obviously knew and was trained to do, I would not have done either, saving the embarassment that comes from knowing you too are capable of royally screwing up....LMAO. So yes, do not let the obvious pass you bye. You may never know when it will come around to see you again.....

Thought for the day:

Isn't it obvious? Have a great Memorial Day weekend. Think of those that have served and loss for this great country. Thank them, for they are the reason we have the ability to be here!

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