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Ok, have been super busy, so sorry I have not gotten anything down. It has been a roller coaster the past two weeks, and have no idea if I am coming or going.....LOL.

Think we will switch gears tonight.

They were laying in bed together just like any other night. Both naked, he is on his back, and she is resting her head on his chest. Her left leg is draped over his. They are chatting about the day, not talking about anything in particular.

He suddenly leans over to her, she recognizes that look in his eye, and says, "Want to try something new". Now she really eyes him. She knows to expect the unexpected when he says that. She says, "Sure, why not." He smiles and tells her to lay on her back.

As she rolls onto her back, she starts to have that wonderfull uneasy tingling sensation. That, I know something is coming, and I think it is good, but am not sure feeling. He rolls on his side....just barely touching her. He moves her chin towards him with his hand....moving his face close to hers. Their lips are tantalizingly close. Her breathing starts to pick up. He kisses her, slowly and softly.....barely carressing her lips with his. Holding her there, he does it again, and again....teasing her. She starts to lean farther forward, hungry for what he is with holding. Finally he kisses her deeply, passionately....tongues swirling, searching for each other. She is know arching into him and the kiss.....

As they are kissing, he moves his hand to her left breast..and slowly starts to circle the nipple....just barely grazing it. She starts, not realizing where then hand had gone....so lost in the kisses. He pulls his lips away, and looks at her. All she can think is what is going on behind those eyes she so loves. Anticipation starts to set in.....He reaches for her left hand...smiling at her....placing her hand on her left breast...with his on top of hers. He guides her hand....letting her feel her breast, her nipple, the areola. Then taking two of her fingers...he positions them to be able to pull and squeeze the nipple.

They are still staring at each other, locked in a gaze of intense pleasure and wanting. He has her tease her nipple, with his fingers tracing along with hers. They then move to her right breast....repeating the process. By now her nipples are very swollen and erect. Screaming for the touch they crave so much. She has started to shake some from the intenseness. He kisses her deeply again....with a hunger for her. Then taking her by complete suprise, he leans down, and taking her right nipple between her fingers sucks the nipple into his mouth...letting his tongue flick over it. She writhes with the fire that he has started, and the gasoline of the touch of his tongue creates a fireball through her system.

As she bathes in this intense pleasure, he has slipped his hand further down....to where his finger is resting on her clit. The instant touching of that sends a wave a pleasure through her body, making her come up short with breath. She moans.....He smiles devishly. He starts to run his finger up and down....so very slowly...letting her feel as much pressure as he can. Looking at her, he can see the hunger in her eyes...the unspoken needing coming from her. She starts to move up and down on his finger. He lets her, letting her self build and intense power inside her. All the while, he is licking her nipples, as she continues to squeeze them....lost in the pleasure of it all.....

Hmmmmmm.....will do something a little different here. Finish this story how you want. What happens next? It is up to you? Put your finishes down if you want. Would be interesting to see the differneces between men's and women's endings.

Have a great night all. Will have some more ramblings for you tomorrow....

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4/6/2006 1:10 pm

Great response. Of course I am always of the opinion that the woman should get what she wants.....how that happens, well........ Thank you for sharing....Helper.

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