Fans Witness Violent Breakout in Studio  

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Fans Witness Violent Breakout in Studio

Thursday, February 09, 2006

"Fans Witness Violent Breakout in Studio"

February 09, 2006
Fans Witnessed a Violent Breakout at the Temporary Production Studio in Morehead City. One Fan at the studio from Atlantic Beach claimed, "This wierd guy just started ******* with the lead gutairist's girlfriend (who is also the bass player of the Band) then pulled out a knife and threatened to stab the Drummer." Though the situation was on edge the Temporary Production Studios Host "anonymous" escorted the drunken man outside of the Studio where two local sheriff's were waiting for the suspecting individual. Comment that night from Vocalist- Mark Anthony Bartholomew "Man.. That was ******* crazy. Everybody was drunk as hell. There was a couple outbursts that night after several songs. Some funny **** it looks like we acquired some new groupies and one broke up with her boyfriend right there in front of everybody. Me and the band were leaving and I urinated all over that groupies car and said, "Hay Man! I'm claiming territory!" The Band will start performing in North Carolina this coming summer after the Production of Album 1 is complete in July.

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