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He sat just under a tree high on the hill,plucking at the Ovation quietly as he watched the people in the faux valley below.
It was almost as if someone might have died. People laughing and crying at the same time. He watched her as she moved. A
picture of grace that he would never forget.

You said you'd never forget me
You said you'd never forget me
You siad you'd never forget me

He sang softly knowing full well she was forgetting him right now.
She stood in a wall of lace that might as well have been his funeral shroud.
He began to play louder and louder, the chords ringing off the hill

I woulda given you the whole world
I woulda given you the whole world
I woulda given you the whole world

They all looked up as one. The wind in his hair, nothing to offer anyone but this song.He counted the people as he played no
words coming to him now.
96 people to see his agony
From where he stood he to this day loves to believe.
He saw an almost wistful smile. Then she turned away and stepped into her perfect life.
He ended with a flourish
And stepped into total chaos

You killed me slowly today
Took my heart when you turned away
Left just my soul riddled with jagged holes

He turned and walked away.
She turned and walked away
Neither looked back

In this dream outta control
He threw the Ovation Concert Series acoustical guitar up against the wall and he screamed loud,the sound reverberating
around the small room. The strings vibrating crazily and they make an eerie sound that makes his blood run cold.It sounded like
her voice. He closed his eyes as he remembered with a shudder.
"You'll never be anything baby and you have so much to give!"
"I can't take that kind of risk!"
The sound of the closing door was just an echo on the wind.

It's funny but he's played that song a million times in one form or the other over the past 10 years but it has never sounded right.
It has never had that something that tranforms it from merely sad and pathetic to majestic and soaring.

He picks up the guitar and begins to pick out the familiar chordes,singing as he goes along

Take me from the shadows where you found me
Let me live in your daunting light
Always tried be everything you wanted
Just never could seem to get it right

He continued humming along as the chordes flowed from A to C to D...so simple and yet he'd never ever played it right.His
voice was old now,and his fingers stiff so this song was lost to all for eternity because it was all in his head and it was too
special not to take the grave with him. Sometimes if he was in a thinking mood he would plug the Les Paul Gold Top in
and play an electrfied version of it. It always came out nervous,howling like an evil wind over the fens

Don't let the sun set on us
Don't let the sun set on us
Don't let the sun set on us

He sat the guitar aside ,vaguely noticing the new shiny scratch on it as he rose and walked to the bedroom. He lay across the
bed and began counting the slats in the blinds.
Thats how many there were....34 counting the broken one.
He knew this even before he got halfway through the count.
He grabbed the extra pillow and hugged it tight to his body.
The pillow that he held in the night sometimes when he grew afraid.
Afraid that he had forgotten how to hold someone close to him in a tender moment.
He rolled over on his back and turned to the lamp extinguishing what comfort he felt and began counting the cracks in the
He didn't want to write a thousand songs that would bring tears to a million people's eyes.
He just wanted to write one that would bring tears to hers.

I remembered how you kissed me
I remember how you cried
I remember how you said you'd never forget me
I remember how you said goodbye
And the closing door was just an echo
On the wind

She popped the CD in and slid the headphones on as she typed this letter for the millionth time. The familiar tones and
reverberations of the Ovation washed over her just before the pause she used to steel herself. Then she heard the Les Paul join
in almost like a mating dance of some exotic, erotic birds. It had been years since she heard this song but she would never
forget the night he wrote it.

You reached deep
You touched my soul
Took my heart yours to keep
Head spinning out of control

They had just made love and she was catching her breath though she knew it was impossible around him. Yet she still made the
effort. He picked up that old Ovation and strummed a few vague notes until she realized the vague notes were suddenly a tune.
Then he began to sing a melody as he stared at her. Thats the way he was when he was in this mood. Taking in all the angles in
a perfect light. He was a master painter and he drew his lines with those words until he painted her perfectly.
He promised her the world that night
She vaguely realized that he was too wild to keep.

You're making me dream of things
I never believed in before
Don't know what kinda hold you have on me
Just want you to hold me some more

She closed her eyes against the implacable tears.
She heard him that day playing on the hill.
Just above the faux valley where she betrothed herself to another.
She had never heard the Ovation sound so final.
She had never heard it sound so hard, so accusatory.
When she turned away the sound of the silence ringing in her ears she knew.
She would never see him again but she would always hear him.
Its funny she set out to change him.
He set out to change the world
In the end he only changed her.
In the end she only changed her mind.

Lying here beside you tonight
I feel perfect in every way
I know somehow you showed me the light
I'll never know how to feel this way

The Ovation finished alone.
She took off the headphones.
She deleted the letter
Only half finished.
Just like her life.
He watched her from across the room,sweet sunlight dripping from her smile.
It might as well have been venom though. He remembers that night,was it two or twenty years?
He remembers that he had a heart then, so wild and free.
He remembers that she insired him to have all sorts of aspirations. The soft memories made him smile but the bad ones always
appear at inopportune moments. The he remembers how she stole all those aspirations one by one as she tore him down.
You see he was some kind of free spirit and he was impossible to understand in his current form. So she decided...yes she
loved him...but not like he was. She tore down the walls and the curtains and she shoved all the furniture out the front door.
Then she made him over. Then she decided that she didn't love him after all so she handed the keys back to him and she moved
to some other house that didn't need so many repairs. Time worked its evil magic...the new curtains faded...the walls
rotted...the furniture collected dust. And he?
Well he was so far gone he didn't know how to get back. he no longer had any inspiration nor aspirations beyond just surviving
this perpetual storm.
Funny how the words never flowed like this before.
Funny how he never knew what he had till it was gone
He watched her from across the room, sweet sunlight dripping from her smile.
It might as well have been venom.
He suddenly missed the sweet reassuring tones of the Ovation.
He counted the miles that he was away from home.
He counted the lines on the mirror as he softly plucked the strings of the Ovation. The demons in his soul howling and
screaming thru the strings as he sung it over and over.

Make me high tonight
So high
I die tonight
Spread my ashes in the trees
And watch me fly baby
Watch me fly on the breeze

He was a destitute man with a million dollars and songs everyone wanted to hear but he needed pain killers to move. Physical
pain is nothing he cried as he counted the bottles on the bar.
"It's in here!" he screamed pounding his chest.

Touch me with your magic
Make it all disappear
As I sing something tragic
Make it all come clear
What should I do tonight
To kill the pain again
What should I do tonight
To bring it all to an end

His sleep is full of hallucinations.
When he closes his eyes he can see them.
Those devils to whom he sold bits and pieces of his soul.
They come every night to collect.
They make him sleep deeper
They toture him.
They sing the lyrics to him
And he never has a pen.

Gonna kill you tonight
And this pain will be over
Gonna thrill you tonight
It'll all be over
Take me deeper
Let me shroud your soul
It's too innocent to see this
Too innocent to watch you go

Then the sirens came.
So loud it obscured the harsh singing.
The headbanging lyrics
The soft sweet thrill of his heart.
Speeding to pulses end like slamming into a brick wall
Then the silence was eerie.
The demons quiet.
The dream over.
The people restless
Just another overdose
Just another overdose
Just another overdose

You killed me tonight
And I gave up
Quit without a fight
Because I'm tired
And wired
Too weak to see this through
Too weak to go on
Too weak to fight anymore for you

He counted the lights that rushed past the windows
Until he could see nothing but darkness.
Then until he could see nothing at all.

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