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"So do your friends call you Katie?"
She looked up from the groceries she was passing over the scanning device.
She laughed. He heard wind chimes swaying in a soft summer breeze.
"Nooo, my friends don't call me Katie."
The steady beep beep of the scanning device was intruding on the moment.
"Whoa you scanned that one twice."
"I did not!"
"Just making sure you were honest."
She laughed and there were those wind chimes again.
"Can I call you Katie?"
"Why do you want to call me Katie?"
"No reason I've just always wanted to know a woman named Katie."
"I think it's a fun name."
"Okay then call me Katie if you must."
She began to bag the groceries.
"Paper or plastic."
"What do you do when you leave here Katie?"
"What do I do?"
"Yes where do you go when you leave here?"
"Usually I go home and then shortly after I go to bed."
"Do you go to bed alone?"
She laughed again. Why does he keep hearing wind chimes?
"That's none of your business."
"I'm going to be out front when you get off." I want you to come with me there's someplace I want to show you."
"Why should I trust you?"
"Because I'm devastatingly handsome?"
"No that’s not it."
"Then because this is the weirdest pickup line you ever heard and you are intrigued?"

He pulled to the curb as she left the store. he opened the passenger door. She looked once....twice...then slid into the warmth
of the car. It's cold tonight and the heater feels good.
"You should have dressed warmer than that."
"You'll see."
He turned right onto old 37, traffic is thin at 10 P.M.
He hung a left on 67 and soon the lights of the town fade.
"Where are we going?"
"A place I go to sometimes. Don't worry you can trust me."
"I've heard that before."
"Yeah? From who?"

They were halfway across the bridge when he pulled to the side of the road. The lake stretched before them in the dark, the
fractured face of the moon reflecting on the soft black waves as they climbed out of the car. He pulled two thick quilts from the
back and climbed over the guard rail. She followed and soon discovered that they were standing on the side of the dam that
held the lake into the shape that humans seem to always have to have to put things into perspective. He spread one of the quilts
on the rocky surface, 20 feet from the water. The dam was build at a lilting 45 degree angle that gave her the sensation of
sliding down the bank when she sat down by him on the quilt. he fluffed the extra quilt up in the air and let it drift down over
them gently, tucking in the corners so that were close and protected from the chilly weather.

"I come here when I need to think about life."
"And what do you think about life tonight?"
"I think it's running fairly smooth for a person who had no expectations or aspirations when he entered into it."
There were those wind chimes again.
"I think life is unaware."
"Unaware of what?"
"Unaware of the fact that I am sneaking up on it slowly but surely with bared fangs."
"As cold as it is I don't see how you think about anything at all."
She shivered and drew even closer to him.
"It's much better in the summer time. I never come here in the winter."
"Then why are we here now?"
He slid his arms around her and she didn't resist.
"Because I couldn't wait until summer to hold you like this."
She smiled. It hid the face of the moon for a split second.
He drew a flask from the inner pocket of the coat he wore.
"Here, drink some of this."
"What is it?"
"The Gods own ambrosia."
She took a short sip.
"It tastes like peach brandy."
"Ambrosia...peach brandy...same difference."
She handed the flask back and he took a drink.
"MMM sweet."
"Yes peach brandy is usually sweet."
"I wasn't talking about the brandy I was talking about the spot where your lips touched the flask."
"It must be my Kissable Lips lip gloss."
"So it was just a dream then?"
"Maybe you'll find out some day."
She smiled. The moon hid its face once again

"Do all your girlfriends call you baby?"
This time he laughed.
"Can I call you baby?"
"It has a nice ring to it."
"Baby?" She pulled even closer. He could feel her shiver.
"Can we go now I'm freezing to death."
"Okay I've drawn the picture anyway."
"The picture?"
"Yes, memories are lines. Sometimes the lines are drawn just right and you can connect them until you have a picture that your
mind hangs somewhere in your memory. Then on cold nights like this you are reminded and you can sit and gaze for hours."
They rose. She took his coat from his shoulders as she laughed.
Wind chimes again. She wrapped herself in it as he gathered up the quilts. She gazed across the dark water, past the fractured
face of the moon at the lights of the big houses across the lake.
She drew the lines. They connected. She carefully stored the picture away.
"Was it everything you thought it would be?"
"Was what everything I thought it would be?"
"Holding me." "Was it what you thought it would be?"
"It was even better than my wildest dreams."
Her gaze was transfixed. The lights blurred together into just one flash, stray pieces of the moons face highlighting the edges.
the thought occurred to her that when he gazed across the lake he saw something much deeper than the lights on the water
She shivered.
She wasn't cold.
She realized that she was standing in wide-open spaces, a cool breeze in her face. The air was cold, clear and sweet.
And she was holding her breath.

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