Finding Your Soul Mate...........Its Fun!!!!  

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12/24/2005 3:57 am

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Finding Your Soul Mate...........Its Fun!!!!

Sometimes I accidently get close to beautiful
But mostly I'm just vain and shallow
At least I'm honest about it
And I'm certainly not alone
But still I'm special
If you don't believe it just ask me
I'll be glad to extoll my virtues
And gloss over my faults
My imperfections
Merely beauty marks
That makes my soul even more interesting
Someday I may bask in my own brilliance too long
And drown in my arrogance
But thats cool
Theres no one I'd rather have holding my hand
As I make my last confession
Than me
But if nature holds true to form
Evolution constantly perpetual
Then some day soon we'll all be like me
Sitting behind closed doors
Staring longingly at a mirror
Sighing in discontent
And constantly wondering
Is there one person out there
Thats good enough for me?

Is it possible that alot of people might be asking for too much when they put a profile on a singles site?
Is it like Walmart?
Excuse me but I would like to buy the hot blonde in the leather mini know the one on aisle six with the big hooters? I can't reach the box. Would you please get a ladder?
Oh?....she won't allow herself to be sold to anyone under 6 ft tall? Athletic body?.....but?...but?....shouldn't she offer the same? one over FORTY???.....I'd like to see your manager!!!
I once worked at Walmarts....I heard that alot but I digress.

Maybe we are afraid we might actually find this unicorn and then we'd have to put our money where our mouths are and maybe we don't have enough teeth. My profile specifically calls for teeth. My profile is also set in Montreal and I live in Texas. Yes...its a great big fantasy so of course my actual dream woman probably doesn't exist in this century and frankly if lightning did strike and she actually was in this world then she'd be too good for me. I'd be like good enough to be her best friend or something.
My dream woman is Cindy Crawford....she needs to have the earning power of Ophrah. She needs to play golf like Annika Sorenstam....(Yes I would want free lessons). that I've told the truth no one is going to want to apply for second place.

rm_sweetie_83 33F

1/5/2006 5:41 am

your brilliant, and very entertaining! though i'm not sure i'll get a response... i don't play golf.

HeavensDrkSide 54M

1/6/2006 5:00 am

    Quoting rm_sweetie_83:
    your brilliant, and very entertaining! though i'm not sure i'll get a response... i don't play golf.
For you.....I could be willing to show you how to play would be a sacrifice but I could be talked into have an athletic build...thats a good are way too kind with your compliments...Thank you kindly

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