Arguing With A Dead Cow  

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1/17/2006 5:22 am

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Arguing With A Dead Cow

My emotions are diluted
Until they are nothing more
Than dull pastels
Whitewashed grays
Drab blacks
Until I realize
This is a colorless hell
Up there inside my head
A white out
With no blizzard
A butterfly in a cage
Just big enough to accommodate his wings

Society as a whole is diluted
We draw our isolation around us
Like armour
Like bricks in walls
As high as the sky
Praying no one will come inside
To catch us unaware
In a wicked snare of trust
Disarmed and disassociated
Until we realize
We're living
As the only person
In our own private hell
Butterflies in cages
Just big enough to accommodate our wings

I saw a funny picture in the paper the other day.
A duck was herding four guys in Hazmat suits to the nearest exit. He looked pretty dangerous like he had Avian Flu.Next it will be a cow with a spongy brain.
Birds will be the weapons of choice now.
Wars will not be fought with guns and bombs.
They'll be fought with fried chicken.
I can hear the anchormen now.
Today China launched an attack against Taiwan with massive orders of Peking Duck....(Yes I DO want plum sauce with that)....Taiwan retaliated with buckets of Extra Crispy KFC supplied by Pepsico the worlds leading weapons producer.
Beef will kill you slowly. Birds will kill you quick and without mercy.
I wonder if you can make synthetic meat?
No ladies I'm not talking about your rabbit either.

See how I neatly segued to sex from virulent diseases. How you ask?
Because I'm that damn good.

Guys get cheated in the sextoy department. Thats why you see so many desperate ads on here.
Women have cool sextoys like the rabbit, the sybian, the intruder. The list goes on and on.
We have the blowup doll. Not very inspiring.
The auto suck. You have to be int he car to use it. And my all time favorite, the Fleshlight.
When I think of how the sybian is made I see engineers in starched white coats using the latest space age materials with up to date manufacturing processes in a sterile working environment.
When I think of how the Fleshlight was made I see two stoners sitting on mom's basement on that old rotting 70's style pink naugahyde sofa.
One stoner is staring glassy eyed off in the distance.
The other is idly peeling off strips of the decayed naugahyde.
Stoner#1: Dude if you fold this just right it kinda looks like Mary Ellens money maker.
Stoner#2: Totally dude. You know if we like glued that to a hollow plastic tube approximately 3 inches in diameter I bet we could sell it on Ebay.
There you have it. The birth of the Fleshlight industry.
Down there in some moms basement. Just like Microsoft and Apple.
Well boys and girls I see that the sun has come up. In your world that means its time to go to work or school.
In my world it means its time to go to bed.
Good night and good luck.

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