Are You Happy?  

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12/18/2005 5:06 am

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Are You Happy?

Its suggested and supposed
That somewhere out there
An elusive creature exists
That could if given a chance
make all your dreams come true
Now in this demented fairy tale
Theres a thread of truth
But just like total enlightenment
this figment of many imaginations
Takes years and years to achieve
By then you are old and you are wiser
And you realize
That the years you spent in search
Of this thing that is only present on another plane
Would have been better sacrificed
On a search within yourself
Only too late do you realize
It was there for the taking all the time
Usually the simplest of things
Going unnoticed all those times
Until finally
When it all slows down
You can breath
All that important shit
Is not so important anymore
Only then are you allowed to transcend
When you're not too shallow to appreciate
The beauty of the small things
That count
Only then are you allowed to ascend
To that previously unattainable plateau

I know this guy...he's up every morning before dawn...usually in his front yard sitting on an old Cadillac that hasn't run in years.He has a peanutbutter and honey sandwich in one fist and a mug of hot tea in the other.Some mornings if he's lucky a cat will lower itself to human standards and he will sit on the hood next to him to watch the show. It comes slowly. The colors melt and fade and then grow brilliant together. Colors that were never meant to be mixed together bleed across each other and create portraits that have never hung in a museum.
Soon the show is over so he reaches into his pocket. If theres nothing there thats cool but sometimes theres two quarters. Now he's not worried that he only has fifty cents he's happy because he has enough change to buy a newspaper.
The cat looks at him like he's crazy. The cat often does this. Now if the cat could talk he'd probably say what are you so happy about you only have fifty cents.The guy would smile and and spread his arms wide as he looked across the dirt road at the live oak forest. Just beyond that lies the river valley. The mist provides its own light filtering the sun just so that it presents natures masterpiece in just the right shades. He'd say to the cat that what do you mean I only have fifty cents? Do you see anyone else around for miles? For all intents and purposes my friend this is all mine.
All mine.

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