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to shy to post these in STORIES

Tiffany closed her locker just as the final bell rang. schools out for the week and she had to walk home. the park was dark already. and the winter wind sent chills up her spine. She hated the school uniform they were made to wear.
the walk thru the park only took ten minutes and walkingt all the way around took 25. it weas cold and she wanted to hury home. her parents didn;t like her going thru the park at night says people might be in there sneeking around.. waiting for some cute little girl just like her to walk thru. but on days like today she didn't want to walk around and she didn't listen.
She was almost to the other side, having hurried because of the cold when something caught her attention. she heard a dog bark somehwhere close and then foot steps muffled by soft leaves. she wanted to run but she froze listening. there wasn't any snow yet so it was easy to hide on the ground if you were in dark clothing. she heard the dog bark again just before he bounded out of the bushes to her left, coming straight toward her, she saw a man behind him for a split second before she was knocked to the cold ground.
the large, what seemed to be mastiff dog held her down until the man got there. licking her face with his paws firmly on her chest. the man, she recognized as the substitute teacher fomr ealier that day. he pulled the dog back with the leash laughing "good pick Mojo" he said and the dog barked happily. she sat up and looked at him, knowing him she thought she was safe. but as he offered a hand down to help her up instead of standing her up he pushed her back down on her hands and knees. going down behind her he held a knife to her neck. she froze again. "if you scream, i'll kill you" she nodded. he reached under her skirt feeling her thighs and between her legs, she wimpered trying to pull away but he held her there "oh,no your not getting away taht easily, you see i have always wanted a school girl.. you all look so innocent in your little skirts and tight shirts. but i bet your a whore huh? cant get it enough? your gunna love this" he whistled to the dog as he removed her panties. she exposed her pussy to the dog, who acting like he had done this before jumped up and pressed his cock against her. the dog began fucking her hard and fast. with a cock that looked thicker then any guys she had ever seen. she had given head a couple times but she was still a virgin. the dogs hard pumping hurt but he never went in deep enough to break her. it wasn't long before she felt his knot pounding against the outside of her pussy, the whole time the guy just watched, she could see the outline of his hard cock through his pants. but he just held the knife and watched his dog fucking her tight virgin pussy. he pumped into her a few more times and she felt him cum all over her pussy and ass, it ran down her legs and she felt greatful at least that it had not cum inside her.
more to cum with this spectacular fucking trio..

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7/1/2006 3:33 pm

This is very disturbing to me, sickening actually...sorry I'll pass on the next installment. That's precisely why this world is so fucked up, people into this kinda shit, of children, using animals at that. And here you are writing a happy little story about a Young school-aged girl getting deflowered by a freaking if that's going to be entertainment for me or whoever reads it... If you think it's okay than you need to check in or find a higher power for guidance. Spectacular you say???? Not in my world.


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7/1/2006 4:15 pm

Well, that was pretty shocking! Have you been abused in some manner?

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