Sex with a god  

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5/5/2006 7:41 pm
Sex with a god

I recently had a sexual expirience with a guy from AdultFriendFinder, i cant remember his name but i can remember everything else. girls if you looking for hot body with a sweet talking mouth and an urge to fuck this is the guy. he and I met in farmington maine. i was there babysitting my sisters cats and I could not resist him. he and I went to my sisters app and fucked for like three hours. in five different positions. he had the body of a god and the stamina of one too. i am still looking for a guy like that closer to me so he and i can meet and please each other when our schedule allows. email me and i'll get back to you..

The man watched thru the car window as his next target stepped up onto the curb. she had a long beige skirt on with a slit nearly high enough to see her thong. a light blue sweater that hugged her perky breasts in the cool weather. she was asking for it he thought. he stepped out of the car and stood in the trees by the side walk. his brown coat blended with the autumn leaves and hid him from sight. just before she walked by he jumped out and grabbed her from the deserted side street and pulled her into the trees. most of the businesses on this street were closed but he clamped a hand down over her mouth before she had much of a chance to scream. holding an arm around her body and one on her mouth he threw her into the car and locked all four doors as he got in himself.
"if you know whats good for you, you'll stay quiet" but she didn;t listen to him screaming as he started the car and pulled back onto the road. he back handed her and knocked her out in the back seat then turned onto the maine road and drove to his house.
he carried her up the stairs and into his bedroom. she came to only after he had her hands tied to the top bed posts and was working on spreading her legs and tying them too.
"let me go, i'll give you anything, do you want money, " she was sobbing histerically and could barely finish a sentance
he didn;t say anything, but once she was bound down, he took a pair of siscors and held it in front of her. she cried harder thinking he was going to stab her, but he carefully cut her skirt and shirt off exposing her body in a blue lace thong and bra..
"now now, i always thought you respectable women would wear more respectable underthings. " he removed his own clothes and stood there partially erect 8" in front of her she knew then what was to happen and cried all the harder for it.
he crawled up onto the bed and rubbed his hands on her skin. "i aint gunna hurt'cha i just want to see how a gal like you can please a man"
he ripped off her bra and thong and moaned she had a perfect body, he reached between her legs and spread her pussy lips she was still crying but not as hard. as he slowly inserted his middle finfer into her tight pussy, the way it clenched made his cock grow to its full 10" and about 7" around, he was already dripping pre. he leaned down to her pussy and licked tentativly, wating for a reaction, her hips jerked off the bed.. the sobbing had almost stopped but she was still trying to resist. he barried his face in between her legs, making her skirm soon she forgot all about this being a and was moving her hips against his face wantonly. she came all over his face, and he did his best to lick it all up. his cock was throbbing and aching to get into her pussy but she took one look at the huge member and started to plead with him that he not do it "please, i cant let me go, please just let me go"
"oh no" he says, you got sometyhing you liked and i am still in charge, its my turn now bitch"
He drove his full luength in as deep as he could, worked it out and did it again. she screamed everytime it went in further, but she was squeezing him so hard, he started to fuck her faster taking his pleasure in her tight hot pussy. she slowly started working back against his hips , he sucked on her nipple and hunched his back, moving his hips as fast as he could he gave a long yell and came deep inside her. she moaned as she felt the bulge of his cock throbbing inside her tight pussy. as he pulled out he was still hard, he untied her and and instead of trying to leave she went down on his cock and cleaned it off for him with her lips. she didn;t stop until he shot off another load into her mouth.
looking down at herself she realized she had no clothes. he lent her a pair of jeans and a t shirt and let her out of the house. when she looked around she realized she was only about a 5 minute walk away from her house.. they were neighbors. she hurried h ome and ever since she goes over to his house dressed in her finest and comes home with rope burn and jeans.

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