story anyone?  

Heavenly4uAll 29F
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8/1/2006 6:30 am
story anyone?

i have a story to tell anyway, unfortunatly its only a dream.) last night a friend of mine was using my computer and since he knows my password to everything he was goofing off and looking up all my personal stuff, well when a pop up add said to sign into AdultFriendFinder he clicked on it and saw that i had an account. he started laughing at me and i didn;t know what was so funny I was on the bed blushing. he signed in and saw all the emails i had been reieving from countless different guys and i could almost see him getting more and more jealous as guys on this site asked me to come to there house and have sex with them he turned and asked me if i had ever met up with any of them and i told the truth. yes i have. so he turns the chair to face me, thru his shorts i can see a massive buldge, i had never thought he was so well hung. but he was upset. why would you go to them before you came to friends "i didn;t think you would be interested" he came over to the bed and grabbed my breasts his cock pressing hard against my thigh
to be continued...

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