Maybe Today......  

HeatherCat 36F
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5/1/2005 12:32 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Maybe Today......


Work wasn't so bad (the boss never shows up on Sundays) and nothing majorly awful happened to me today. The cat scratches from last night aren't bothering me as much as I thought they would. I took some new breast photos when I got home and had to do alot of pushing and squeezing to get good shots. Before I knew it, I was warm and wet. Still am, but I'm not in a rush to "take care of it". It feels nice. I want this to be really good. I have to think of the best way. I have enough toys to play with, but right now I'm actually thinking that a peeled banana is more what I want. Something firm, but with a soft texture and that "real" feeling of skin. Sigh. Now I'm even wetter. Throbbing. Very nice.

HeatherCat 36F
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5/1/2005 3:27 pm

You know what? That banana would be far too messy. Damn. I'm going to have to rethink this in the shower.


pidrieu65 49M

5/1/2005 3:39 pm

well this is what Intend for good sex, I had fantasized about you and had a good albeit lonely "run", maybe it will help you get wet and horny and you'll be able to get advantage of it (wet and horny is much better than sad and blue).
> In my experience foreplay and excitement build up leads to great sex.
> I like to kiss slowly, to caress, to put my hand through hairs, to rub the head, the neck, to follow the lips profile with my fingers, to have them gently bitten or sucked, to lean against each other and feel the bodies touch (we are still dressed here..), to separate and caress the neck, to gently touch the nipples, maybe gently bite them through the clothes..should i go on?
> Maybe if you like I'll start massaging your neck (you are giving me your back now) and shoulders, unfortunately I'd have to start undressing you if you want me to continue, I'll kiss your shoulders and your back, slowly, your neck, behind your ears, my hands meanwhile are caressing your chest, touching your nipples through your bra just briefly, once, twice, three times, maybe four and maybe longer and pinch a little harder (non padded bras are much better...), then they will slide open palm across your abdomen, feel your hips, your thighs, turn in, caress your inner thighs, feel your womanhood, press against it, so you can feel my manhood against your back (it should be painfully hard at this point, I'm restraining it and remember we are still dressed dowm there..), you turn and we kiss, a deep slow kiss, we press each other one against the other, we look for our pants opening, we work on it still kissing, I pass a finger between your bras and your skin starting from the shoulder, I manage to get your nipple out, I lick it and then suck it and then bite it gently, in the meanwhile I try to get with my hands to open your bras, when I succeed I start "working" with my mouth on the other breast, i want to feel you against me, but slowly, we barely touch, your nipples touch my chest (somebody took my shirt off, i don't remember when..), just a bit, they are wet from me and feel cool, we press against each other and feel each other, my dick feels like it's going to explode, you lay on the couch/sofa/bed, I take your pants off, your legs are up, I start kissing your ankle holding your legs up and a little open, I keep kissing till I reach the knee, your inner thigh, slowly, you can start feel my tongue while it slowly winds down passing from one leg to the other and back, i bury my head between your legs, you have your underwear on but can feel my tongue through it, I gently bit you, i cannot resist and move your underwear on one side and taste your pussy, your juices should be flowing, the taste of them is like a drug high (I'm guessing, never had a drug high but if I had that's how i imagine it) my head is lost, I push my tongue more deeply, I suck your lips, I push against your clit, I suck it, i slid a finger inside you, moving it slowly while still darting my tongue over your clit.
> I have to force myself to get away, I'd like you to taste me too, but carefully or i will come right away (and maybe it's a good idea who knows, we can experiment) and....
> Ok I cannot take it anymore, too painful, I'm here at the computer trying to concentrate and write some clear thoughts but my excitement is so strong that it's difficult, i guess it will be another "do it yourself night".
good night i think I'll go to bed thinking about a red haired girl...and her lucky banana...

susiturkki69 41M
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7/6/2005 7:42 am

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