OOOO I am soooo sorry...........  

HeartlessBitch69 46F
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5/29/2006 8:38 am

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5/31/2006 9:14 pm

OOOO I am soooo sorry...........

This is supposed to be a fun place! Please forgive me for posting something not about fucking or GETTING FUCKED!*Giggles*

So tell me about your Wildest Sexual Adventure good or bad!*Giggles*

Was it someone off of A.F.F?

Was it someone you would do again?

Did anyone get hurt, and do you have the scars to prove it?

There ya go Fun,Fun,Fun! *Giggles*

How many of you smelled the smartass come out in me then?

ME *Giggles*

rm_cru1972 44M
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5/29/2006 10:05 am

Getting a blow-job, while standing up, just right of center, at a bar that was practically Standing room only.

Never Forget

Operations Desert Storm/Desert Shield, A1c U.S.A.F. 27 Jun 1990-18 May 1992

mycin62 54F

5/29/2006 11:11 am

Hehe, I gotta say, Mr Hottie and I have had some wild times, and YES I did meet him here

HeartlessBitch69 46F

5/29/2006 11:18 am

cru1972--I remember, My brother was there. to you cru

HeartlessBitch69 46F

5/29/2006 11:23 am

longhairednikki--LMAO, how did I know that would be said?

secret_eyespy 54M
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5/29/2006 12:58 pm

My latest adventure took place just yesterday. I called someone from a web site who I hadn't even met yet. I had emailed several times with her and talked to her on the phone once. We saw each other online and I suggested that we stop the online foreplay and get to the real thing. She was afraid that I would instantly reject her but I was more afraid that she would see me and run for the hills. I asked her what she was doing in the next 30 minutes. She responded nothing. i told her I would come to her. A short drive later I was in front of her house. She jumped in and we found a dark place to park. She isn't the kind of gal who likes to get down and dirty in a car or such but the sexual tension was in the air. She showed me her tattoo which is freaky. She asked to suck on my cock and I obliged. She is definitely good at it. After a few minutes of blissful sucking I told her she had better get those pants off because someone just might be getting fucked. She obliged. A few minutes later she was kicked back in my front seat and I was slipping my rock hard cock in her soaking pussy. I lost track of time for a few minutes as we were fucking like school kids in the front seat. She got her nut and I got mine. I took her back to her front porch and we sat and talked for a few minutes. We parted with a kiss and a rain check to do it again in the future.

Now that's what I call a wild sexual adventure.

JPP2200 63M

5/29/2006 7:38 pm

Yeah SmartassHB69. I forgive you for getting off the subject of fucking/sucking/licking/kissing/muff diving/and whatever I left out.

HeartlessBitch69 46F

5/29/2006 8:43 pm

JPP2200--Thank you for forgiving me!

secret_eyespy--You wild thing you! LOL

mycin62--Come on gimme a story!

HeartlessBitch69 46F

5/29/2006 10:57 pm

MariGrrl--I was talking to a friend before about how I just hate stupid bitches on here who always put *Giggles* with everything they type! I was being a smart ass, and wanted to see if he picked up on it! LOL *Giggles*

skyking412004 53M
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5/29/2006 11:15 pm

_____The wildest would probably be my last ex-fiance. She brought out the dark side in me. She used to like me to spank her so hard that it would bring tears to her eyes. I don't know why, but she loved it. This one time (at band camp) she jacked me off into her iced tee and had me "force" her to drink it while I Pinched the daylights out of her nipples. I miss the good times. (Not the shit.)

HeartlessBitch69 46F

5/29/2006 11:38 pm

skyking412004--Ok, the Ice Tea thing is a little disturbing!

MrNuttz05 49M

5/30/2006 12:12 am

Wow... SKYKING ROCKS! Well, I don't know if I should post this... It could be disturbing to some & I do have a reputation to uphold... Some might begin to view me as womanizer.... Oh the trauma, oh the trauma....

HeartlessBitch69 46F

5/30/2006 12:17 am

MrNuttz05--Remind me to never drink tea at his house!

Looking4sex44240 54F

5/30/2006 1:05 am

The wildest sex I ever had, was on my best friends wedding night. We had been drinking all night long. I hooked up with one of the guys in the wedding party. We ended up at a motel, ripping each others clothes off. We had sex for hrs. with a guy in the bed next to us. Lets just say I wasn't walking real good the next day.

HeartlessBitch69 46F

5/30/2006 1:20 am

Looking4sex44240--I have never done it in a room with someone else in the room with us!

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