Just a comment on life.  

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6/13/2006 9:24 am

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Just a comment on life.

Hello to all who read this. I'm a 27 year old average
guy from Mid Michigan. And first of all, I made the mistake and posted this in the wrong section, and thanks to those who liked what I said, or even gave constructive criticism as to where to post this correctly. But let me tell you, there are some real non understanding people who damn near bit my head off for posting in the wrong spot. I've had my share of sexual incounters
in life, played sports, etc, the storied line in life basicly.
I came from a good loving close family, great friends, good
education, again, the storied line. Over the last few years,
I've stepped back and looked at who I am, and asked some
questions. Of all the sex parteners and sex I have had in
my life, to be very honest, I have setteled for everyone
one. Never did I put my heart before my lust. I wish I could
trade all that, but I know that is too late, and I just need
to move on. Also, I will freely admit that there was a stretch
of time where I had virtually no conifdence in myself regarding
relationships, dating, etc. See I have been single, no
real dating for about 10 years now. Am I afraid of commitment?
No. Failure? Yes. But I do keep trying. But, as a person who
is far from perfect and has been basically told he is too
nice, and only a friend, not the look of who they are looking
for, etc, it makes it hard to put the confidence out there.
We can all say oh just move on, but you stub your toe on the
same thing over and over again, you will avoid that area.
Do I have any prospects? Yes, but I also know I don't
fit what they are looking for. Now that is not a knock on me,
it is just the truth. And some people mistake the truth for
a lack of confidence. I came this site 5 years ago. And have
never really had a good experience on here. But I stay. Why
do you ask? Because I am confident something good will happen.
I have heard every excuse in the book so I'm sometimes
laughing when I hear excuses given to me. Because I have
heard them all before. So, guys who read this and think you
are the only one. Trust me, you are not alone. I actually
read something that said the male between the ages of 18
to about 30, that if they can't get laid, they are sad.
It is not the getting laid that is hard. I mean, we could find
anyone if we really wanted to, but some of us look further.
So for those of us, keep our chins up. Someone is out there,
be it long term relationship, or just a friend with benefits
who is maybe your dream girl. And trust me, I know it is hard
to remain confident, but somehow we need to muster up all
our strength and move on.

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6/13/2006 9:49 am

Well said! Best of luck to you in your searching.

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