to Wack Or Not To Wack THats the ?  

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8/20/2005 9:02 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

to Wack Or Not To Wack THats the ?

Should I garb My Balls and Make a Toast, To All Theses Bitch That Dont Know a Good Thing If It Just went up There Mean Evil Deased Pussy, Man I thought a Dog had a Bite But Some Of those deased Hos Out There Have more of a bite then a dog and There bite lays down there legs into the Deased Pussys, It Must Be Nice to be a female, Because You Got The BOOBS AND THE PUSSY,

What ever happened To DICk, I think MY DICK is imoparnt to, US Guys We Keep Falling for this weak Shit, I Love pussy and I Love females, But When Is enough, All Females Have To do Is shake there boobs and they get money, free drinks, Whatever they want.

Why Cant Use Guys shake are dicks and get money, Free Drinks, and All that shit, Im Sorry ladys But I think Itsa 50/50 thing. I was told while back its a gay sign for gay men if you grab your balls, What the fuck does grabing my balls have to do with wanting some, What the fuck, Umm Hello Fags, Dont you think My Balls Iching and I Need To Ich them, think You Gay Men Out there Need To Find a Better Sign then grabbing your balls, I grab my balls maybe they ich maybe i just want to grab my balls, It Doesnt mean I want To fuck. On another note......

I got a thing today in my email thing on here and some girl wants me to wank it for her, Sure Ill Wake it for you, You Lil Cutie You, Can I leave a Mushroom Print of My Dick On your forhead then? I mean That would be nice, YOu Sexy hot lil thing you, Dam, Why I cant I just walk around with my dick hanging out. I see females with there boobs hanging out and There not wearing any underwear, How Come Its sexy When a female doesnt wear underwear and Its just nasty and wrong when a Guy walks around with his shit hanging out? I know alot of females Want To see my shit hanging out. They would be at there knees saying Please MR HeadSpinner Show Me Your Dick,,,, Then I would Have To Donkey Punch them. I think Sometimes Us Guys We try To hard, WE try to hard to get the girl we want, We try to hard, Lets just make things simple guys, We dont have to be all trying to get abitch that wont give us the time of day, Just move on to the next one, If a girl wants to be a bitch let her be a bitch, But You know Bitches Its Not a good thing To piss me off, Sepcaily When your in my bed, Because Ill just fuck you even harder and Ill Make sure Your shit hurts and That You wont be able to walk for months because your mouth and your pussy and your ass, Well bew that dam Shore, You well have to have someone push you in a wheelchair because you well be that shore If you piss me off, Ill just fuck you even harder.

I Also Can tell you this ladys I dont stop, I dont take breaks, I dont need to drink or eat, Ill just keep fucking, I dont need to take a piss oe a shit, Ill just keep nailing your pussy whole tell it cant take no more.

YOu Know What I think is funny, You know How they say guys cant last long, I hate to tell you this ladys, Its all Bullshit, I can out last any female in the bedroom, Ill even put money on it. I can outlast any female in this world.

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