Whats With People?  

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8/19/2005 12:51 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Whats With People?

I cant stand these gay bastered hitting on me, Im NOT GAY, Ya I dont have the best luck on my follow threw game with the ladys BUT IM NOT GAY, I know Im Hot, I know Im fun and Funny, But Im only For Females ONLY. I dont havea problem with gay people, Just Be a Friend and Im kool With That. Im all about hooking up my friends, Even If I have a gay Friend Im all about hooking him up, Just Not with me. Ya Im a Metro Sexually, I Dress nice, Take care of myself. We should All Take care of are selfs Before we take care of anyone else, If You cant take care of yourself, THen You cant help anyone else. I like the black, asain ladys HAHA THats The funny part Because THere not to many of them out here In No Mans land, Wait Min NO MAns Land Is Montana, Holly Shit, You can drive 250 miles and Not See a dam thing, and When I stopped at One Of the gass stations My God What the Fuck THe messing link Was There Lol, This Thing Was about 10 feet tall, and Had a Frohead that Stood out Like You couldnt belive lol I think it was Big Foot THat Was helping me Out being the casher lol, I think I have such a nice ass lol, Come of girls come and get some lol, Is it a bad thing When your balls and dick say You Need To get Some Because Its been So dam long, Its Been Since Feb Of this Year Since I got Some and I need It lol, And If I dont get any My balls and Dick said THere gonna leave me and Find Someone that well use them, Because Im Not kool enough, Im just the dancing, Funny, Cute Guy, THat runs out of luck, If It wasnt for bad luck, I wouldnt hav any, Lol Just joking, Atlease Im Dease Free and My Shit hasnt turned Green and purple and falling off,

Please ladys Help out Im cute, Im fun and I need some lol Do I have To pay To get Some, Whats the going Rate? $10 lol Just joking, But I really Do need Sometho, But ill Just buy You Dinner Or Ill Cook you dinner And Ill save the 10 lol.

BOOBS ARE Fun........... Me Wnat to lick licky and stick sticky in your Pussy lol Ok Im bored and I need to get laid thanks alrighty bye bye

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