No Luck  

Headspinner693 36M
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9/4/2005 10:20 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

No Luck

I Have as much luck on this site as winning the lottery and That never happens. I have so much luck, let Me tell you lol, If it wasnt for Bad Luck i wouldnt have any. I have been on this site for a few weeks now, There's no hooking up for anything on this site, I think its a Bullshit Site. With a bunch of Girls that play mind games, You know What Bitches I really Dont givea fuck, You want to play mind games and act like a stupid bitch Why dont you go finda Cliff and jump off it you dumb bitches, I hate this fucking site, Does anything even work on here, Whata Fucking joke. I think This site is dumb, and The females on her Have there heads up there asses and think there gods gift to all, I hate to tell you Bitches You ant Shit, You Females Area fucking joke, I havent seen to many females on here that are worth a dam, Dont get me Wrong theres some that are really kool but for the most part I hate you dumb bitches, you Dumb Bitches Need to get off, I'm Tried Of theses mind games and shit, Theres one Dumb Bitch That I talked to a lil on hjere and You know who you are Saying Its my Lost, Bitch its Your lost, I talked to you and You just wanted to play your games, Bitch you ant even that cute, Maybe If you were Cute I mite Be Upset and all that shit, Im just Fucking annoyed, For all You Dumb Bitches I hope you get What you want, A Ass Whipping and I hope You Find a guy that Has a STD and gets you it, I hope the Shit Zburns you Stupid Bitches, Ithink i rather have no luck then be Hooking up with theses dumb bitches,

Ill Be amazed If Theres One That isnt a Dumb Bitch on here, If Your out there Shiyt i would Love to meet you Because It seems to me there nothing but dumb bitches. I have to say, I hope your shit burns You Fucking Bitches, I'm On tHe wrong Fucking Site, Because Theres No kool people on here, Just abunch of Dumb Fuckers, Maybe a few kool ones but Most part abunch of dumb fuckers

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