Got Craps?... Sorry Just got milk,,,,,,,get Yourself Check.  

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8/25/2005 1:13 pm

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Got Craps?... Sorry Just got milk,,,,,,,get Yourself Check.

got Craps? Then I have to tell you better get your shit check, Do You got STD's, You better get yourself check, Did You Forget Where your Bedroom was last Night? Better Get Yourself Check. Did You Forget your Girls name last Night, You might Want to write Her Name on Your Hand and Get yourself Check. Did You ladys call out the wrong name last night in bed when you were with Another man thats not your b/f or your other partner, You Mite Want to take pictures of each guy, and Have a pen and Paper Waiting for the guy to write his name down and all you have to do is turn your head and read the paper and you can scarem that right name, You Better Get yourself Check. Are you a Guy that Woke up in another mens bed and your not gay? You Mite was to take a long bath and Buy lots of tubes of tooth paste to wash your mouth out because you never know What happens When your drunk and wake up in a bed that doesnt belong to you. Get yourself Check.Did you wake up this morning and walked to the bathroom and Looked up and Saw you Were Wearing makeup? you Just Mite want to wash that off and Never tell no one that Ok Dude, get yourself Check.

If your a girl and tried to do the milkshake and you got no boobs, Just Stuff your bra So When you go to the bars and the guys are drunk they wont the Difference.......

If your a Guy That Has Boobs and your Doing the milkshake, Please Dont, .... I mewan It Please Dont, its not a pertty Sit, Because Guys Shouldnt Have boobs, Think About that one long and Hard buddy.

If your a Ass kisser and You Kiss Everyones ass To get ahead in this life, Make Sure Your Getting on your knees, Just Like a Good lil Bitch does. No one likes a Ass Kisser, They like a Ass licker and a Ass biter, Do You Have your Spoon? If not then you better go down and Get your Spoon.

And If Anyone Has A problem With What i write Remember this,,, I dont Giva Fuck... And Ya Can Kiss My Ass, Ya Can Lick My ass, you can look at My ass, You can Lick My balls, You can Just Shut thE Fuck Up, Because.... I dont Care... Alrighty, im outie Like Im Being naughty lol

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